Fell off the wagon BIG TIME!


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Well actually.....I kind of Jumped off! lol
Hubby and I went for a romantic weekend as he is going away, and i ate and ate and drank and ate some more :(
I dont really regret it though :eek: Im not sure why? I think because i enjoyed it and im not going to see hubby for 2months! :sigh:
Im so upset about it. Anyway, im back on the wagon now (as of this morning) but i just feel so down. Can i really do this? I really want to! I want hubby to come home 2 a slim wife, not the frump he is leaving. I just need some inspiration pleeezee!! Im dreading weigh in this week now. Any suggestions?
Has anybody else fallen off so quickly?? or is it just me? Im only on day 17 :cry:

Help me!!!!!!

Montanna xxxxx
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I wouldn't worry, you had an excellent reason to eat. Just think how much you can lose before he is back. And 17 days is a long time to be on the diet.
Irene xx

Mike 24

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Hey, what more motivation do you need than knowing your hubby won't see you for 2 months so you have a fantastic opportunity to show him what you're really made of! :p

17 days is ages (almost 1/6th of the 100 days completed already!!!).

You have nothing but support here so you go for it! :p:D


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u tend to lose most in the first month so u could have lost 2 to 2 & 1/2 stones by the time he comes home. thats 28-35 lbs! well on ur way to goal weight!

is that motivation enough? lol

best of luck. xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Hi Montana,

You can do it!!!

Just picture your hubby's face when he comes home to a new 2 stone less you!

He will be gob smacked I'm sure.

Spend these two months choosing a sexy black number and keep focused.

I'm seeing family in April that I haven't seen for 3 yrs and Ive not told them I'm on a diet and I'm looking forward to seeing their faces when a confident, much slimmer me walks into the room!!!

Also, Ive not seen my husband for a year (soon to be ex) and I'm also planning, when I'm at goal, to just be in the same place as him and casually walk by, just as a way of saying thanks for all the taunting he used to do to me!

I do want to lose the weight for myself but this is what keeps me focused when the going gets tough!

so, go for it girl - you can do it!

good luck


Hey Montanna

Just dust yourself off and jump straight back on and do not worry about weigh-in this week - it is more important that you don't let this blip stop you completely so think of it as an achievement to come to class this week and get back into ketosis - just focus on those two things (you'll be back in ketosis by class definitely) - all those times I've fallen off the wagon before if I'd only have just gritted my teeth and chalked it up to experience before continuing rather than feeling like I'd failed so I might as well have another [insert confectionery/cake of choice here] because all is lost. 17lb is a lot to have lost already and despite blip you will not have undone all this good work so don't beat yourself up about it...and get window shopping for some lingerie for when hubby's back - I've been doing loads of internet browsing on clothes sites in the evening and there's some great lingerie sites out there (figleaves.com etc?)



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My hubby works a month away at a time, and I wonder if the feelings you have are more to do with him going than the blip?

I have learned over recent months that the first week my hubby is away I just want to eat, I find myself browsing in the fridge even though I know I can't have anything. I had never actually noticed this until I started LL. Now I know about it I can do something about it, keep myself busy etc.

I agree with the others, go to the meeting this week, thats the most important thing if you don't go its unlikely you will recover from this. Go to class and there is a lovely clean slate waiting for you!



I to had a blip last week with a once in a life time event, but still going to class tonight I know I wont have lost but need the encoragement from the group to keep me going I have been back on diet since sunday and I have found it hard to get back on the straight and narrow and so very very hungery the group will sort you out.