Fell off the wagon ; but I'm back!

Discussion in 'Strugglers and Restarters' started by Ryan91, 1 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. Ryan91

    Ryan91 Full Member

    I was doing so blooming well and through my own stupidity I let motivation slip and ended up piling 10lbs back on in just 2 months!
    Anyway, today is officially my restarting day and wiping the slate clean ; 14st 10lbs is my re-starting weight ( still not as heavy as I was when I first started if there is any positives from this situation!)

    Feeling a little disheartened obviously, but it's not the end of the world.....

    .... LETS DO THIS!
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  3. StepUpFairy

    StepUpFairy METAAAAAL!!

    Well done at dusting yourself off and getting back in the game! ;)

    End of last year was very tough for me too, and bad eating in November.....December.....then some of Jan saw me drift from my target weight back up to over 10 stone :cry:

    I just couldn't for the life of me get any motivation going :confused: I knew what to do, how to do it, etc. Just couldn't get going!

    Am back here (on and off admittedly) with around 10 pounds to lose (again!), and I slowly seem to be getting my focus back :eek:

    Helped a lot that I asked the trainer at the gym to help me come up with a strength/muscle building program, so am trying to REALLY put my energy into that; so as not to let everyone down!

    Good luck! You've done it before, you CAN do it again! :D
  4. You are exactly right by saying wipe the slate clean,

    draw a line under it and start loosing

    you can do it!!
  5. Ryan91

    Ryan91 Full Member

    A month later and I'm pretty much exactly where I was! - 14st 9lbs - while it's a pound less, it's absolutely rubbish!
    I have a big holiday to the land down under to get into shape for..... I can't fail this time :)!!!!!
  6. Ryan91

    Ryan91 Full Member

    Just reading this back makes me so happy with how I'm doing this time around and how upbeat I'm still feeling. Reading that above I lost a lb in a month! That only got me down to 14st 9lbs. Happily sitting at 13st 13lbs this time around though and that's only a month or so in!

    Motivation and willpower is all you need!

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