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Fell off the wagon today :(

Hi everyone

This has been building for a few days - lots of internal stress - and I finally caved in. I've had chocolate, a glass of milk, and a cheese wrap. I'm sure I'll have the most massive headache for this, but I just didn't stop myself, even though I know it's not worth it.

I was planning on going off plan on Christmas Day - if I wanted something, I was going to have it! - but I was really trying to be good til then. But it's not like I've got a particular goal or date in mind - not like trying to get to a certain weight by a birthday or a wedding. Maybe I need a more fixed goal because I feel like I'm just rambling.

I don't know whether I should jump back in, or just try to be moderate until after the holidays. I'm just worn out in general, and it's not that I'm tired of low-carb, just a bit tired of everything!

I'm just at a loss tonight. I'm not even worried about the numbers right now. I guess I just don't want to go back-and-forth on plan.

Sorry to be having a moan - it's just been a bad week.
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So, been there, done that, have permanently bruised knees from doing it. :D If you fell down, get up, brush of the dust and keep going. Best analogy I ever heard. . . If you drop one egg on the floor would you then throw down the entire carton? You'll feel a lot better about yourself if you do the best you can and stick to your initial plan.

You know that in 9 days, you get to have your "free" day. By yourself some yummy atkins endulge bars, I just did, and keep on going. Hugs.

(just my opinion) Hugs again.
Big deal Sera. Who hasn't caved - on any diet they've ever done?

The trick is to treat it as just that - one cave-in. Don't turn that into leaving the diet, or failing in some way, when it has worked so well for you so far! Get up tomorrow, start again (as Diva says, you have 10 days until your big day off) use Atkins to get where YOU want to be, and stick to the plan. You know we'll all help you here. Good luck honey.
echo just what the others are saying, but just wanted to add a note to encourage you....here we are, ready to listen to your moans, woes and successes, we're all in the same boat, and cold hard winter in a festive period it is not easy to stick to anything!

chin up, back on plan today, be proud of yourself!
Totally been there done that too. Its just a wee blip not a major catastrophe :)

Why don't you just try and think of it as a meal at a time instead of thinking I have blown that day/week etc. I think sometimes when you look ahead it can seem an impossible mission. Think of your fav Atkins meals and have some of them as well :)

The hardest thing will be feeling that you have let yourself down when in fact you just need to remind yourself that you are just like each and every one of us xx


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Big hugs Sera

Agree with everyone's comments, we all fall off the wagon from time to time - and when it's this time of year, and we're constantly beseiged by food and drink ads on the tellie - well, you'd have to be inhuman to resist :)

So do 10 more days of Atkins, have your treats for Xmas, then start afresh like I plan to do :)

we've all been there Sera love, just get back on plan and drink plenty of water.
Falling off the wagon was my defining moment of this diet. Sometimes you need a setback to see how badly you want something. I had a massive carb binge and then my weight loss stalled for 4-5 days and I struggled to get back into ketosis.

For me, that is what it took to see what an amazing diet this is. The cravings fade away and you're left with a quite luxurious diet which leads to fast fat loss.

Don't beat yourself up over this. You may look back on it as a good thing!


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I fell off yesterday when faced with Crimbo lunch at work. I left the roast spuds and someone asked why I hadn't eaten them so I just said I don't eat many spuds and they weren't very nice. I then went on to have half the pudding. Last night we had a kebab and they put chips with mine by mistake and I ate some of them. Not as bad as it could have been, before I would have eaten everything in sight!
Thanks everyone. I'm sorry for the drama - it was just a hard few days. I'm back on track, but am just trying to get through one meal at a time.

You guys are the best!
I have jumped off the waggon today, but am refusing to beat myself up - I know I ain't gonna throw away what I have achieved but some days you need to give yourself a break/treat whatever you want to call it, some days you just need to remind yourself that whatever carbs are, you can live without them, they are not everything. And much as I have enjoyed today I know that Atkins is the way I can keep what I have achieved. :D
Well said that woman! :D
Ooooh, don't even now what that is, but I'm all puffed up now! :)
Tried it out, and it gives you a lovely little zen comment, LOL! Why have I never seen this before???


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Ahh new to me too - thx Bren!
Oh no, now I'm getting a repferiority complex! :cry:

Off to compose some stunningly pithy posts to up the ante! :D

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