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Fell off the wagon, well and truely.

Well this weekend, I knew it was going to be a heavy one, didnt quite expect HOW heavy! :(
I am now -89 weeklies (with 28 activity points as well, so really its -117:eek:)
Im feeling very deflated, a bit sick and pretty disappointed really. And im worried the same thing is going to happen when I go to America in July (but thats for 3 weeks! Eek!)
Someone, or something, give me strength!
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Don't beat urself up hun just get back on the wagon! Don't worry about July just concentrate on now.

I've seen some of ur other blogs n ur really supportive n give good advice so all u need to do is listen to urself!

I've just blown 40 of my weeklies on an Indian meal so we're in the same boat! Activity points here we come.

Ps love the hair x
Aww thank you!
I always try and help out other people as best as I can, just lacking in the confidence this week, but hopefully I should be able to put this all behind me once I get on the scales Friday :)
And thank you hehe :D
Well im the same today :party0051: :character00254: :eating: - im soo annoyed with myself but we have got to get are arses back into gear and start again tomorrow - I hate how I feel when I do this but getting back on track will sort us out - im wanting to hear from you tomorrow with your usual positive vibes :D
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Well today is a new day, and I'm gonna be positive :D hehe. Wednesdays are always good as my dad and I sit down and work out our dinner and the points :) woo!

Lozzie Stardust

Fat Geek to Thin Geek
Awesome news about Wednesdays!

I've fallen off the wagon so hard this week I think I've sprained my ankle, well it was my birthday the other day so I've been ignoring WW for 5days in total :S

Time to hobble, catch up & jump on I think! Good for you for jumping back on!

It's took some time but i've dusted my self down and im back on track again :fingerscrossed: :cross:

Good luck everyone for this week - come on we can do it (more shouting that at myself).
Iv been sooooooo bad too - tried to get back on track yesterday but failed - again! Been good so far today - its gr8 to hear others are in the same boat. Lets all try & at least get a STS this week:)
Iv been sooooooo bad too - tried to get back on track yesterday but failed - again! Been good so far today - its gr8 to hear others are in the same boat. Lets all try & at least get a STS this week:)
Great idea Kik - I know how hard it is when the kids are off school too - I tend to pick, mine are off next week - hope your week with them is going well - come on we will do it.
Don't worry about it! :)
you are already doing so well! Just remember everyone needs a treat once in a while without having to count points. Pretend it never happened and focus on the future. Good luck! :)
I think its something to teach me to be careful in the future really, especially if im going on holiday for three weeks. I can have fun and make good choices :) Thats what I need to bare in mind, and not reach for the McDonalds when ive had a cruddy nights sleep!
Ive worked out everything I am having today, and so far today and I have 4pp left! Yay!
Must be something in the water! I have gone 15 over dailies today and even though that doesn't sound like the end of the world, it's the first time this has happened (this time round!) in over 6 weeks. I know i can get back on track tomorrow but really worried i might be on the slippy slope :(
I need to do some serious meal and snack planning for the rest of the week!
I managed to get back on the wagon and have been really good for the last few days. Tomorrow is weigh in day, so clean slate. But im sure if I can do it with nearly -100 weeklies, I am sure you can with only -15! :) Just put it behind you and think tomorrow is a new day (the same thing i did!) You can dooo ittt! :D
Well I weighed in today, and despite the weekend and being -87 weekly points in the end, I managed to lose 1.6lb!!! :D

Lozzie Stardust

Fat Geek to Thin Geek
Envious! My wii fit told me I gained 7lb but when I weighed in at clinic I had only gained 4!! Wooooo! Lol
well done on the loss. Ive been the same too, got back on track this week though. If id left it any longer i wouldnt have got back on i dont think. Just proves were humans though, mistakes will be made. Its how we come back from em that matters :D


Monster Scoffer
dont worry deadteddys, everyone falls off the wagon at least once! It can be disheartening but you've not failed because your just getting straight back on it again :) xxxxx

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