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fell off the wagon, well more of a nose dive

Well this week has been a total wash out for me, After a fab weight loss last week of 6lb I started picking and it just got worse from there.

Weigh in tomorrow so straight back on it for me.
It's like starting all over again at day 1 and this is very sad as I was on week five and have done so well in losing a stone and a half in that time.

Oh well, It can't be helped but am so determined to drop another stone or two before my holidays in July. Just hope I manage to stick to it for at least another 5 weeks before the ugly food demons take hold again.

Well done to all of those who have stronger will power than me, but I will get to my target of 10 stone with this fab! LT diet.

Just wanted to be honest with you all and to myself and I know you'll all help and support me on my second day 1.......

Jo x x x x xx
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Keep on trying

Hi JoJo . Sorry to hear you have been tempted but please look at it as a lesson learned .If you are now out of ketosis It is going to take another week to get back on track (Well 3-4 days) . Picking just makes things harder in the long run and will mean longer time to get to goal. I want to get to my goal and refeed as soon as possible so that keeps me on track. Dont beat yourself up about it now just have a new start and tell yourself it wont happen again. Hopefully it wont have made much difference to your weight . We all have our ups and downs with this (see my comments about last week !!!) but you have done so well up to this . You deserve to get to goal as we all do . Lets make it happen :D:D:D


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All the best Jo, i feel for you, i had a major blowout in my third week, but managed to claw back the next day, though suffered a 2lb loss as a result that week, you've managed to lose a stone and a half, thats fab and you can't have put all that back on, so pick yourself back up and treat tomorrow as a new day. Food is an addiction trying to beat it isn't easy, you're only human
Ahhhhhh thank you so much ladies, I hope I havn't put a stone and half back on lol. I do expect a gain though but no worries, I know that will spur me on to do better. I am all geared up to start my day 1 again but am tempted to start my ticker back to zero and just right off the last five weeks. What do you think I should do show a gain which might dissapoint me every time I look at it or start again from fresh with my current weight and ticker at zero weight lost.
It would mean a clean slate.

hmmmmmmm what to do??????
whatever you feel will help you more to stay on track . personally if it was me id be inclined to carry on with the current ticker because there was five weeks of hard work there that you should still get recognition for. Wait until after your weigh in and see how you feel about it . At the end of the day its there to motivate you not to impress anyone else so you do what feels best for you.


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Jo, put it behind you. You can't undo it so forget it and start afresh with new determination.

Stick to your current ticker. And look at the overall picture not just one weeks result. It's just a blip. don't focus on it . After all it is the overall weight loss that counts. Once you reach goal, you won't be thinking - "I put on weight that week"

What you will be thinking is "I've lost 30 lbs and feel fab!"

Thats so true, i'll stick to current ticker because in a couple of weeks it will be ancient history and nothing to focus on. Thanks again for advice.

Jo x
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:hug99:we'll be fine and we can get through this blip together lets just see what kelly says tomorrow thne straight back on it no matter how long it takes we will get there promiss:hug99:
We will monique, I know we will, would just like to do it this year lol. Well done you though hun, it is hard but i'm so glad I have you to kick my ass.

I love the slipping of a stich of lifes tapestry, ooooo in my life I must have missed a few rows lol. Very nice statement though x x x

Hi Jojo, hope a day later your resolve is as strong as ever. Food is my demon too and I am enjoying, (YES enjoying!!!!) being on LT. After week 2 and a half, there were no more hunger/cravings and I am finding this incredibly easy now, so much so that I am a bit nervous of eating again!!!!! Never thought it could happen to me as I love cooking SO much. I cook every day for my OH and bake fresh bread and cakes and never so much as a crumb has passed my lips!!!! Good luck on the rest of your journey, you CAN do it!!!

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