Fell off track the last few days.


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I had been really motivated and was determined to stay on track all over the christmas holidays.

But I got really sick and have bronchitis, a throat and sinus infection and swollen glands and am on very strong antibiotics. :(

Felt like crap and haven't wanted to cook, so have just been eating rubbish as and when I felt like it. Haven't really had any meals, just been snacking as and when I feel up to it, but it has all been the naughty stuff :(.

The antibiotics are starting to kick in now though I think, so hopefully I can get back on track now. My cough is still driving me insane though.

Why did I have to get ill now, just before Christmas. grrrrrrrrrr
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Don't worry about it too much, when you're ill you can have whatever makes you feel better! And I was determined not to over indulge but so far I've eaten things I shouldn't have but it could be worse I suppose, I very nearly gave in to BOGOF Dominoes pizza the other night lol


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I am so sorry that you are feeling unwell.
Don't worry about SW, just look after yourself and get better soon. You have done so well and SW can wait until you are ready to get back.
Hugs and warm wishes for Christmas xxx


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Happy Christmas BritMuminCanada! Sorry to read that you aren't well - look after yourself, don't beat yourself up about being a bit off-plan while you've been poorly! Hope you are better soon - I find all your recipes inspiring, I think on the quiet you are one of the most inspirational posters here, showing that "diet" food can be delicious and look good too!


Wishing and hoping!
happy christmas
firstly you're health is more important and like others have said SW can wait it is always there and you can lose it will not destroy your weight lose journey. all you can do now is start again and not put pressure on yourself :D


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I suspect a fair amount of us peeps have toppled off the wagon for a few days recently whether its down to illness or just plain chrissie indulgence (that would be me then!!!!:p:p:p).

Its not what you do between christmas and the new year that makes the difference. Its what you do between New year and christmas!!!!!

Thats my new mantra.

I am still trying not to overdo it though. :rolleyes:

You should concentrate on getting better.

Merry Christmas xxxx


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yah, i second that...its all about the long-term and not every-day perfection...get well soon!!! xxx

wendy in wales

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Hi Britmum, i'm sorry you've been so poorly.I hope you are better soon.Try not to worry about SW you can get back on plan when you are better.

maxine uk

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i agree, if your poorlie i think we all tend to reach for the foods that are "easy" which are usually not that good for us swers
i love the mantra do you mind if i borrow it please :)
ive had quite a good christmas as far as food goes, came off my holiday to scotland on monday went to wi on tuesday (lost 2lb) and will go and wi on tuesday next week, im determined to keep this up, bring on the 13 stones ;)
happy boxing day to you all