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Felt Extremly Faint, Disorientated & Went White ...


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Today i went to okehampton camp to see my littler brother cross the finish line after doing the 35mile route of ten tours ... drank 750ml water before i went and a shake.

Got there about half 1 and we estimated that he would be in around half 2 .... so thought leave the big water bottle in the car as he wont be long .... uh oh big mistake!!!

He crossed the finish line at 3pm and it was a further hour and a half untill he got presented his medal and whilst waiting for that (and after being standing for 3 hours) i felt sooo bad. I felt disorientated and felt like i was going to puke ...

luckily my mum had water in her bag - but could i find her? spent 5 mins walking around trying to see if i could find her and in the end ended up sitting on the damp grass and shouting over to my gma that i needed me ma (how sad lol)

But, it was indeed extremly silly of me to not take my water bottle with me - boy i paid for it!

So for others - please make sure you take it absolutly everywhere!!!!! :p
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awwwww that sounds awful! hope your feeling better now:)
Ill remember to keep my water with me at all times:)


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Yeah feeling loads better - its cuz i think my body is so used to having atleast 3ltrs by 3pm that only 750ml my body thought hold on feed me water missy! lol


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Dehydration is a horrible thing. I went to watch Robbie in concert in Dublin and suffered really badly. Me and my friend got there early and bagsied pole position against one of the barriers and because we didn't want to have to go to the loo and lose our spot we stopped taking on fluids at 1pm. By the time the concert finished at 11pm we felt awful. The next day we both had the most horrendous non alcohol related hangover ever. Never again!!! We now make sure that we position ourselves half way between the toilets and the refreshements ;)


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Flippen heck!

I hope you're alright :hug99:


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Yeah dehydration mustve been what i had - me gma said she saw my colour change so knew that i wanted water from me ma lol

Its a horrible feeling it really is :( defo wont be doing that ever again!!
I have bottles of evian everywhere!, I re-use them loads and have them in fridge, car, work...... you get used to drinking lots and really notice when you don't drink for a while, glad you ok x


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**glug glug glug**


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Is not fun when without water on LT hun...easily done though I know I've done it before too! Hope you okay now x


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Yup fine and dandy now! :D yous guys care so much on here its great :) hehe
OMG sorry to hear that you got dehydrated :(

Glad you have recovered! :)

I got caught out while running between interviews on the tube and nearly fainted! Im now NEVER without a big bottle of water in my bag.

I'd forgotton from the time i did LL last year how easy it is to forget to take enough water :doh: and with the tube being sooo very hot now :grumble:



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I am only learning about Lipotrim at the moment as I will only start this week, but it's amazing to hear people's experiences good and bad. Glad to hear you feel good again now but it really gets the message home that water is of huge importance on this programme. Thanks for sharing



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Easily done - scary to see what an effect it can have! Funny - I never thought water would be my best friend!! :)

Glad you're feeling better - you won't be doing that again in a hurry!! Good lesson for all of us though x


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Not so much scared as weirded out as i have never ever felt like that before but hey ho thats my lesson learnt when it comes to not being bothered to carry my water bottle lol

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