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Festival fever!


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Plenty of fruit, eg bananas, apples, oranges. You could take something to eat for the first day (savoury rice or pasta quiche) and then maybe buy jacket potato or veg curry and rice from one of the vans on the second day. If you're drinking I'd take something like vodka and small bottles of diet coke, as beer is high in syns have fun ;)


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If you are allowed you could take a BBQ with you? I've been to Leeds festival & download festival many times & mainly I've been on sw while there.

Last time we went to download we took a BBQ, quorn sausages, quorn burgers, sweetcorn & wholemeal rolls for first day. I took loads of alpen lights. I didn't stick to sw strictly, but tried to be sensible with my choices. There was a vegetarian van that sold Mexican bean burgers, I had those daily & they were fab and filling:) and the salad with them was lovely.

Keep hydrated and take alcohol hand gel with you cos it runs out in the toilets & you really don't want a tummy bug:)

Which festival are you going to and are you camping?
Yes which one? I am off to Bearded Theory Bearded Theory Festival Home Planning on taking a sw quiche and loads of fruit in our igloo coolbox, also having some muller lights in there for brekkie, some wholemeal pittas to put bacon in and trying to save some syns for a treat.

Pie Minster will be there so that will make it very hard though!


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have you tried the john moroccan salmon light lunches? nthey'e only 2.5 syns if I remember correctly, don't need to be refrigerated and taste nice.
I'm off to latitude in July and was wondering this myself. I'm going in a campervan though so I'm gonna make packed lunches to take and probably BBQ. Taking my 18 month old son (I know, mental!) so I'm not gonna be getting too hammered! Someone needs to be responsible for the child! :)
Bearded Theory was great, hope you got on ok as well Beth!

I managed to avoid Pie Minster, took loads of salad and it was so cold, sat there shivering whilst eating it but it was worth it as I lost 1.5 pounds and got my stone award, I did try a bit of fudge and a giant cola bottle. There was a jacket spud stall and also this which looks not too bad for Slimming world Peeps.

Off to The Acoustic Festival of Great britain tomorrow! The Acoustic Festival of Britain May Fest 2011
I know this is an old thread and festival season is a bit away yet but this has really helped, off to Download Fest myself this year :)
Awesome, the lineup looks great this year I am hoping to go but need to see if can afford a ticket :sigh: Been a couple times including while on SW world before and I tend to just enjoy it. Make sensible choices where you can - there's always baked potatoes and the veggie/vegan stalls have some sensible options too.

I definately don't count syns though, it's only a couple days and you spend a lot of money might as well enjoy it :D Just try and be sensible with it and don't worry too much! x
Yeah I've been for 2 years on the run but I've never been on a diet whilst I've been there, the vegetarian stalls will be a lifesaver for me this year :) I definitely won't be counting my syns, I think I'd drive myself insane lol :) All the walking and jumping has to burn some cals for sure!
I'm off to Hammerfest in March and have been wondering what food is best to take *lol* Granted I know I will be falling off the wagon. I figure I might as well enjoy it but try to be sensible whenever possible...any hints/ tips would be awesome :D
As well as trying to stick to *mostly* sensible options I find that taking some stuff with me helps.

You could take along a camping stove and make all the mugshots and couscous etc that you like but really you are there to enjoy yourself and that's no fun, and can't do it over in the arena anyway.

However taking snacky things along is good and saves you money too! I usually take plenty cereal bars with me, good for when bit hungry but can't face breakfast yet coz too hungover lol! I allow myself a couple of ciders over the weekend, as few things can beat a nice cold pear cider while chilling in the sunshine watching some of your fave bands!! :D other than that I stick to spirits.

Chocolate tends to melt in the heat of the tents so best avoided but I bring along some biscuits and crisps and jelly pots and take these through to the arena with me for munching upon. You tend to sleep & eat at strange times at festivals too lol :) So many tasty food options though so like to sample as many of them as possible too :p

I wanna go Download :( Guess I'll make do with my regular gigging activities xD
I want to go to Download for the Saturday line up this year. :greenapple: I am going to Bearded Theory for the 5th time in May. Its so cold I think I burn off my syns in shivering.

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