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Anything that's not processed, you could go EE and have loads of fresh meat, make your own burgers, make jacket potatoes, rice/pasta salad etc. I'm trying to come up with my own ideas as I have a BBQ tomorrow with some people who really know how to eat lol


Half a pound at a time.
Thanks for the ideas. The only problem is the fresh stuff is the stuff that wont last in a tent! Might have to bend the rules a little bit this weekend, and practise more damage control than sticking to plan - Hope your BBQ goes well :)


There's an article on the SW website about Food optimising at festivals.

Log into the SW website, go to Useful Features > Eating out / Holidays > click on More Holiday Features > Food Optimise your festival.

(It won't let me paste the link - just takes you to the login page)

Hope that helps you.
Have fun!!
Hey I was at T In Park and I ended up taking: -

Cous Cous
Pasta In Sause
Mug Shots
Cereal Bar and fruit

In the arena there were loads of baked potato vans so you can have beans with them. There was also a fab salmon stall where I had the grilled salmon and salad and just asked them to not bother with the roll and mayo. The options are there just be prepared to look and stop yourself from eating as your starving with some mug shots.

Lisa xxx


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it is tricky to be honest! It really boils down to:

* how much food you want to take with you
* what food stalls are available

In all honesty you won't want to carry that much food with you - if it's anything like Reading festival or Big Chill you have to walk A LONG WAY from the car parks to the main site... so your priority will be carrying all your camping equipment and other bits!

Besides a cool box won't be much good for a whole weekend - surely it won't stay cool for 3 days?!? I think best advice - drink spirits and mixers (if you drink that is!) and not cider or beer and just make wise choices at the food stalls...

One good thing is that water is usually available for free as there are usually standing taps on the campsites so you can fill up your empty bottles there.

Sorry if you already know some of this - I wasnt sure if this is your first festival or not! But most important of all - HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

P.S Which festival are you going to?
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Half a pound at a time.
Cheers everyone! Im just going to not bother taking too much, and just make the best decisions i can while im there at the stalls. :sigh:

As for alcohol (yes i defo drink!) Its going to be a pain to take spirits and mixers (too much to carry) and only cans or plastic allowed anyway. So still got some thinking to do on that front.

Rach - I'm going the Y NOT festival (a small one - but still as fun im told!) And it is my first festival so your info was helpfull!

Im actually quite nervous I'm worrying too much about the food - i hope it doesnt spoil my fun worrying about this!!!

Thanks Again :D
I'm going to Beautiful Days at the end of August, and I intend on taking a tin or so of beans or spaghetti and some cereal bars, as well as a half-loaf of bread.

I'm not sure about the fest you're going to, but a majority of the time the no glass rule only applies in the festival site rather than the campsite. Either way, I'm going to pre-mix some drinks into plastic bottles. That way it's easier not to drink more than you intend to, and you won't get in trouble with security.

As for food, there will probably be some kind of vegetarian stall where you could get a soy burger, or a mixed salad, or tofu concoction. I remembered a little orange food van being at the last few I've been to who do a wide variety of low-syn options. Keep an eye out, and shop around!

Hope you have fun. :)
Oooh you'll get to see Boxer Rebellion! They're fab, not seen them at a festival yet tho.

Right, frozen curry! Seriously, freeze it into plastic containers (pref disposables) then chuck it into your cooking pot on a little gas stove. It will have defrosted fine by the time you come to use it (and will keep the rest of your stuff cool!) and if it gets a bit chilly at night you'll be glad of it! :D Have got Bestival in a few weeks and will have a barbie the first day so am taking chicken and veggies etc for that...will prob take some mugshots but to be honest all my good intentions usually depart after a day or two so I won't take too much!

I always put my spirits into a plastic bottle irrespective of what the festival policy is because it weighs less, and I usually end up taking far more than I need so don't overdo it!


Half a pound at a time.
Thanks Aliflower - that is a great idea, might do a chilli though instead of curry - more filling methinks! Thanks again - have fun at your festival! :D xxx
I just saw the line-up for the Y-not festival.
I'd highly recommend seeing the Sunshine Underground set, they're very funky and good for a dance - which is extra good for losing those pounds. :)


Half a pound at a time.
Well i went! It was AMAZING, even if it was stupidly muddy, cold and wet. Bands were awesome. Especially Sunshine Underground and Young Knives. Didnt rate Noah and the whale *yawn*

I didnt stay to plan 100% (dont think chips and pannini and beer is a free food is it?? :D But kept to quorn products most of the time so wasnt too bad. There was a van there selling veggie stuff which was helpful :)

BUT i really enjoyed myself, gained only 3 pounds, went for a run this morning and back on track now.

Hope everyone else had a brilliant weekend too:)

glad you had a good time! 3lb isn't bad at all and it sounds like you're already on the way to getting rid of it :D


its a long road
ha im off to reading too and that weekend im not even gonna try its my only holiday this year lol ive worked hard to pay for it so ill worry about it when i get home

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