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Festive flavours

Wonderful question, lol!

There could be so many answers, but how about a traditional Christmas cake (as opposed to stollen, dundee etc) flavour?

My dad loves cake so much we have several varieties every year.
Sorry for the excessive food talk!
Hm some kind of Spiced Cranberry bar with cinammon yummy
Hi Witchy,tried to add to your rep and it told me to spread some around!!! Still haven't worked out how to thank,despite your kind efforts. Any way just wanted to say that I thought your bar might be like a mulled wine bar(as in the drink not venue).x


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H Still haven't worked out how to thank,despite your kind efforts.
Hi :) You need 50 posts to get the Thanks button up :) So, keep posting and then give it about an hour to update and away you can go. You'll see the thanks bottom/right of the post :)

Minced pie bar
Egg nog shake
Christmas cake bar...okay...not bar. Just Christmas cake with marzipan :D
Wine water flavouring (can be mixed with sparkling water to make bubbly :))
KD thank you so much for your help with the thank you button, it has been driving me potty! I often come up to the pc at weekends whilst Mr T indulges in weekend booze and nibbles, so I will be posting on a mission this weekend.x
Ok im really in the festive mood now and Mrs T thank you hun and keep posting to get your 50 posts x


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that turkey and stuffing soup really does sound good to me
mince pie bar yum yum
and can i place my order for the wine water flavouring right now? lol
Mmmm loving all the ideas tanx everyone, just wish the cd pack food scientists would read the thread and give us some festive excitement(in the form of seasonal packs inspired by us) x
Mmmmm these all sound so yummy,I can't wait for xmas!!

I would like a shake with a Baileys flavour as thats my xmas tipple x
MMMmm Drool Drool All sound fab to me, i would love all of those and would especially love a baileys shake, Baileys is a little drink i have at xmas and imagine it split with a choccie shake and ice OMG i am going before i electrocute myself.



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Not just for Christmas, but I would love a Choc Mint bar, I love the shake but a choc mint bar kind of like after eights would be lovely! :D
sprout flavoured soup! a mulled wine shake would be great and i'd love a orange matchmaker flavour shake, i suppose the choc orange shake is kinda like this but its well missing the little orange crunchy bits in it!