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Few questions and hello from a newbie

:wave_cry::wave_cry:Hi everyone newbie here :wave_cry::wave_cry:

Right here goes I am a CD complete novice, never done the diet before don't know anyone who has. But really fed up now and after 8 months deciding have finally decided to do it :eek: !!

I have always done slimming world never any other diet so this is all new and a complete change.

I have a couple of questions please and would be grateful if you could answer them please....

1)What does the ss diet consist of my cdc has emailed me with whats available, as I understand it there are porridge, soups, shakes, so do you have these for breakie, dinner, tea and plenty of water does that sum up the diet?

2) what are the best flavours which ones are a big no no!

3) what are these brix things I see people talking about?

4) my biggest reason why I have been toying with this diet is, how do you cope with cooking for the rest of the family? I have visions of me salivating over their meals?

5) is there a cd magazine?

6)what price are these ketostix?

Sorry few questions there I really am a novice.

Thank you xx
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Hi Dora welcome to the site. I'll try and answer some of your questions.

1. Yes bacically Cambridge SS is a total meal replacement very low calorie diet (VLCD). You have 3 or 4 products a day along with water and black tea/coffee. However there are higher levels called SS+ and 810 where you can also have some milk and food. Your CDC will give you a booklet explaining all the plans.

2. Flavours are very much a personal choice and many peoples favourites change as time goes on. I would take a selection of shakes and soups to start and just see what you think. If there are any that you really dont like your CDC will change them.

3. The brix things are ready made shakes that come in choc strawberry and banana. These are handy when out and about.

4. Once you are into the swing of things and into ketosis cooking for the family wont be a problem. Strangly many of us find that we actually do more cooking/baking. However it may be worth while planning family meals for the first few days till you are over the hunger/craving stage.. Maybe make things that you dont like or perhaps get in a few ready meals. If you have anytime over the weekend you could cook some meals and freeze them.

5. I think there is a magazine that you can buy from your CDC.

6. I dont bother with ketostix. You can get them from the chemist for about £5.

Good luck anything else just ask.



Hi Dora !

Your summary of CD is correct & as well as tap water & unflavoured mineral water, you can also drink black tea, peppermint tea, nettle tea, redbush & black coffee.
Everyone's favourite flavours will vary, so I would recommend trying 1 of every flavour of milkshakes,soups,porridge & tetra briks ( these are ready made milkshakes in a carton with a straw ), so that you will know then which are your personal favourites.
During my first week of SS, I would cook for the family but then have my shake/soup/porridge in another room !! BUT after the first week, when I was in ketosis, so didn't feel hungry, I could then sit down with my family with my CD meal & it was no problem for me.
There is a CD magazine which is quarterly & due out soon & you would order this from your CDC .
You can buy Ketostix from your CDC, but your CDC may charge a different price from me.

Hope this helps & good luck with your first weigh in !


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Welcome! :D You've had all the advice you needed I think! lol
Just wanted to say Hello and you will LOVE the losses on CD :)


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Hello and welcome:D

As purple says you've had some fab advice but just wanted to say well done for choosing CD, it is an AMAZING diet, looking for to seeing more (or should I say less;)) of you:D

Thank you CAROLYN and jacsprat for taking the time to answer my questions I appreciate it.

Thank you loved-up and Purple Hugs
Can't wait to get started now, sure I won't be saying that when I have actually started it :eek:


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