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Few questions


Just wondering a few things :) Im on my 6th day of induction, WI tommorow.. Well the official one, i couldn't help myself today haha, but i will spill tomorrow, dont want to jinx it!

Are there any side effects to not eating enough veg? Also to not drinking enough water (How many pints should i be drinking?)

I have twice this week now suffered with headaches and a dull sicky feeling - is this related? I sometimes think I get this when my sugars are low, nearly bought some raisains then realised how high in carbs they were so am resorting to more water and paracetamol. Im guessing it could be atkins related though?

Thanks :)
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they say at least 8 glasses of water / squash / tea / coffee per day. Fruit helps to stop feeling hungry and has natural sugars to stop you feeling sluggish ... some are even super speed foods (on SW) and excel your weight loss if 5 super speed foods eaten in a day


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Dont know about the side affects, but you should try include some green veggies somehow. You sound like you have atkins flu. Should be over by tomorrow. until then keep the pain killers handy :)
Hi Cazzy - no the the raisins think the kind poster above is on SW. You should eat 15g carbs a day of veg honey - for health benefits as well as keeping you regular ;) I drink around 4 litres of water per day butas much as you can manage. You lose a lot of water on atkins 1st week and on low carb diets in general so its important to drink a LOT of water x
Yeh i thought that when she replied which is why i waited for more replies :)

Im feeling better after eating now. Headache still there though but half as bad.

When you say 4litres - excuse me for being dim, but how many pint glasses is that? LOL

I am dreading valentines day as the other half is taking me out.. Starter and main will be fine. But the chocolate fondue with fruit to dip, is seriously gonna take some work, but after reading the cheating thread I am scared to cheat!

P.s Do I need a certain ammount of posts before I can have an avatar?
When you say 4litres - excuse me for being dim, but how many pint glasses is that? LOL
im dim too cos i dont know LOL. Hope someone else will answer the pint question!

Ah yes dont do the chocoltae - all the dieting would be to waste and trust me the amount of water weight you might gain PLUS having to feel all headachy again is SOOOO not worth it xxx

yes -re avatar not sure how many though :D
Oh damn its gonna be soooooooooooo hard.

Do you drink water out of a litre bottle or something then haha?

I defo need to improve on eating more veg! Thats my goal for the next week..
yes drink out of a litre bottle :) there are loads of lovely veggies out there some i would never have eaten before but love now. get yourself experimenting :)
I did WW for a few months, and just eating a balanced diet im never really naughty, but i dont seem to lose weight.. I do have to say that carbs did make up 50% of my diet.. So we shall see :)
Its tommorrow as i started last friday. I did a sneaky weigh in this morning thou lol. Do you tend to weigh in the morning before eating etc, as if i get on the scales at night i can sometimes be 2-3lb heavier?!

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