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Fibre 89

My fiance is using Fibre 89 but has experienced a few issues.

First of all, when adding it to water, instead of dissolving it just forms clumps and she ends up just having to kinda eat it. Is she doing something wrong?

She also hasn't really noticed the difference and has hardly had any movement since starting SS about 2 weeks ago. Is she better off using a different fibre supplement? That said she has never exactly been regular so that probs doesn't help

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I've just ordered fibre 89 to help with my irregularities, so will be very interested to hear from others the answer to your question Brett...hope other than this your fiance is doing ok??
Yeah, mostly. She is suffering quite a bit with hunger and is still badly missing the foods we normally eat. But she's stuck to it completely and at our first weigh in (day 5 due to CDC going away) she had lost 5lb.

Unfortunately, she's also becoming dis-heartened because she feels like she's put on weight and not lost it. I'm assuming it's just water retention but we both made an agreement not to buy any scales and just weigh in with CDC. However, she's still on hols and we wont be seeing her for another week. I am tempted to buy a set of scales with the hope of building her motivation. (I'm also dying to know how I'm doing :eek:)

Sorry - you probs weren't expecting such a long answer :)
aww i can understand how she's a bit down. Look if your following the diet then you dont need scales, they can get a bit addictive aswell tbh your better of without them and just getting weighed at your cdc's.

Have you heard of psylium husks? I take 2of these tabs a day and i dont have any problems in the loo dept! you can also get them as a powder type thing (sorry cant explain it better) and add it to you shakes to make porridge some people say its lovely tbf i didnt like it and now just take the tabs. there full of fibre :) you can get them in any health food store :)

becky xx
Psyllium, an odorless and tasteless seed husk, comes from the small reddish brown to black seeds of the Plantago psyllium plant. Psyllium is a member of the family Plantaginaceae, and is not related to wheat. There are several species of psyllium, but the seed husks from Plantago ovata, also known as blonde psyllium, have the best quality and highest fiber content. Plantago grows as a weed in several places around the world and is cultivated for commercial use in Spain, France, India, Pakistan and other countries. Psyllium husks are pure dietary fiber, composed mostly of hemicellulose. They are not digested in the small intestine, but are partially broken down in the colon, where they act as a food source for friendly flora. Mostly, psyllium acts as a sponge in the intestinal tract, swelling as it absorbs water and waste material in the bowels. This forms a soft, bulky mass that passes through the colon more quickly (keeping potentially toxic waste moving in the colon) and evacuates more smoothly and easily.
The long answer was fine honest! I have scales as I find it so empowering getting on every evening (not in the morning as you always weigh less and it can be off putting) and seeing myself weigh less each day (specially if you have digital scales) and at the early stage I think you need all the help with motivation you can get. You sound very supportive so that will help her - keep on track and get her to come on here, hopefully she'll feel better once she knows there are others feeling just the same, plus seeing all the great success stories is WOW! good luck to you both x


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i got the fibre 89 but only used it the once... it gave me the runs... not nice..

and even though it is odourless and tasteless i felt like it made the water "thick" and i just couldn't down it...

i have had no problems since i started the bars tbh x
I find the scales being addictive to be honest! every time i pass them I want to stand on them...very silly I know. Fibre wise, my mum had a problem with the CD fibre 89 whereas I am just having a bog standard (excuse the pun) Fibre supplement from tesco's and I'm fine. So she is now going to start taking my cheap fibre instead! :) hope this helps xxxxx


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i get on the scales every morning and it really perks me up for the day and motivates me...

your weight in the morning is your true weight, because the water you drink over the day mounts up alot... always weight at about 7am

everyone has different coping mechanisms...
I hope I get on ok with it - its not cheap is it!! If not I will try the tesco one, although I have started with the bars this week so maybe that will sort me out :)
i get on the scales every morning and it really perks me up for the day and motivates me...

your weight in the morning is your true weight, because the water you drink over the day mounts up alot... always weight at about 7am

everyone has different coping mechanisms...
Is that true about morning weight cos if it is I weigh 4lbs less than i thought??? I find that I am at my heaviest around 6pm (happens to be the weigh in time) and at my lightest either last thing at night or first thing in the morning....


Fab & Fit For Florida
that's why i go by my tuesday morning wi not evening at cdc's... you can gain over the day and its something like 1 litre of water is 1lb... and on this diet we have to drink all day
Goolian is right hun, 1l is about 1lb so if you drink 3l plus another litre in soups/shakes, you could weigh 4lbs if you WI in the evening. Also your body naturally is at its lightest in the morning, so if you take a trip to the loo and then weigh yourself, that is a more accurate representation of your body's true weight. xx
How to make melliepigpogs day in 2 easy posts! Thank you Goolian, thank you Wannabeslim! you are gorgeous ladies :) :) :)


Hi its me again
anyone know whether we can use benefibre or fibresure. I use ducolax but it either doesnt work at all or works to well and gives me bad griping pains.
I agree above, weight first thing in the morning, otherwise your probably a few pound heavier in the afernoon. Sounds likie you guyd are doin great - just keep it up and keep positive!
Hi, I mix the fibre powder in with the shake powder, then make it up as normal. I don't get any lumps in it this way and get it down without realising I'm having it.


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i seem to be weighing myself everyday but i will take the official weigh in on thurs morning (my CDC is weighing me in the evening on thurs)

i cant wait to update my ticker... and i also have a chart i made with sticky stars for each pound lost,which i put on the fridge to stop me going into it or munching in the kitchen as its on display..!! cant wait for the feeling of adding a few stars to the chart when i have a loss! :D

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