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Fibre89 v others


One day at a time!
Does anyone have any experience of using Fibre89 from their CDC? How much does it cost and is it any better than any other fibre supplement? I've been using Benefibre but wonder whether Fibre89 is better.

I keep breaking SS and SS+ :cry:but love the fact that I can "go" properly when I do - never thought a simple bodily function would bring so much delight!!!!:eek:
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Mad as a Hatter
Sorry... Only just got online this morning... I have used both the FibreSure and also Fibre89 but to be honest I couldn't tell the difference... I also used the Lipotrim version when I did that diet a couple of years ago and they are all very much of a muchness..

The ones that you can buy over the counter I think are cheaper than the ones that you buy from your CDC but I don't know what the makeup of the OTC ones - could they affect your ketosis ???

Sorry I can't be of much help..



One day at a time!
Thanks Tracy - I was also wondering about whether or not ketosis would be affected. Perhaps someone will come up with more info or experience. Also wondered how much you should take each day - I mix 4tsps into my first litre of water for the day.
Hi Minxie,

I use physillium husks, from Holland and barrett. I am on loads of medication so can't take the tablet form. I put two into each shake. First time round I used Fibre 89, its great for soups whereas the husks aren't!

I haven't deviated from the plan as I am too afraid if I deviate for this, then I will deviate with other stuff too.

I have crohn's so I can't let myself get blocked up, by taking the husks/fibre 89 I don't go every day but 2-3 times a week is good for me!


hiya, i bought fibre 89 from cdc it was about £5.80 and is very very gentle! i dont really think much of it and resorted to using sennokot, it may be different for others, worth a try though x

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