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Fifth and final time - Sandie's Diary

Hi, My name is Sandie and I swear this is my final time. I have had a major weight problem for the past 8 years, the weight has just crept up and up and up. Its totally my own faul, I have an underactive thyroid which I'm supposed to take meds for but always forget!!!!! When I was younger I had THE best metabolism and was nice and slim, had my first son, went to SW and lost 3st in 3 months.....FAB!! my weight stayed around the same for the next 4/5 years had another son and really struggled to get to target, which was for my wedding.....I managed it but after my wedding thats when it all went a little wrong. I was diagnosed with the thyroid disorder. My weight has crept up and now my 3rd son is nearly 4 and I'm heavier now than when I was full term with any of the boys.

Although my friends and family are surprised when I tell them my weight it still doesnt feel good having a tyre around my middle, so back to SW I go. I want to feel better, I start a new job in October, and next year we will be able to afford a holiday, the first in 5year, and my OH is taking me away for our 10th wedding anniversary as we took the kids on our honeymoon, so I'd like to be able to wear a bikini/tankini and feel good.

I know there is a good support network at group, but I feel I need more than that too, so here I am.

My weaknesses are crisps bread and wine, I dont drink every day but we do, as a group of friends, like a few drinks on a Friday or Saturday to wind down, relax and socialise.

This has been my first day - its been a green day and not too bad

Nectarine - 0
Cherry Activia snack pot - 0
2 fried eggs, with fry light - 0

Mediterranian Cous cous - 1.5

Tomato and Chilli pasta - 0
(from the 31 recipie book Slimming world mag oct 2011)

I have just realised I've not had my A or B choice!!!!!! think I'll have ryvita sesame with laughing cow cheese spread.

I also need to drink more water, does anyone have any ideas???

Well day 1 down.........wasn't too bad.....again!!!!!!!
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