Filling pasta n sauce...


Ok so a few people swear by these green wonders...
But whenever i just make pasta n sauce i'm still left feeling wanting..

I made up a chicken and mushroom pasta n sauce, mixed in half a tin of sweet corn, mashed up a large sweet potato and mixed that in too, served it with some broccoli and carrots.
I can't move now i'm stuffed lol! xxx
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Sounds nice just wish i liked veg so could do same. I just add quorn pieces to make mine more filling, also do this with batchelors rice...yum!
Talking bout food is making me hungry!


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
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I find them quite filling as long as i have something for afters but i have been cutting down my portions bout four month ago i could have done two haha i used to do the same with super noodles two in a bowl instead of one lol

Mrs V

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I always add extra mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes and sweetcorn to mine !! delicious!


soon to be skinny minnie
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I always have either a jacket potato and mushy peas with it or sw wedges /or chips with mushy peas.


Just follow the plan
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I have a quorn black pepper fillet with mine and cut it up, or maybe quorn sausage chopped up. Couldnt add too much thought as I find a whole packet quite filling.