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  1. VirgoGirl

    VirgoGirl Full Member

    ... after waiting for what seems like ages (had my intro meeting in mid-Dec), my LL class starts tonight.

    I had thought I'd do the sensible thing and reduce carbs and up the water for a week beforehand but no ... instead I've been having 'one last' of everything - every conceivable junk food and takeaway; have been doing a tour of all my favourite restaurants, saying 'goodbye'; and eating non-stop chocolate.

    Consequently, I've put on more weight in the last week than I did over Christmas, which is a bit of a shame but hopefully it'll come off as fast as it went on!

    Feeling a bit anxious about this evening, wondering what it'll be like, but excited at the same time, I've been wanting to get going for three weeks.

    Am going to get busy with tapemeasure and camera tonight. Every 4 weeks going to take pic and measure myself so I have a record of the shrinkage :)

    So, if I stay the course (and I plan to) and lose a textbook stone a month, I should be on course to be at goal weight by the time I get married in June. Watch this space .....
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  3. LENNY4974

    LENNY4974 Silver Member

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    I wish you good luck for tonight and for the diet.

    I wouldn't worry about the "goodbyes" to all your fav's....I did the same, and yes I was heavier than I expected when I first got on the scales, but this is my second week on CD and I have lost 14lbs:D so I am sure if I can do it then so can you.

    Congrats on the upcoming wedding (isn't amazing how becoming a bride can give you the incentive to lose weight? I'm getting married in May)

    The camera and tape measure is a fantastic idea. I have done the tape measure thing but I can't stand having my piccie taken (the thought of wed piccies are giving me nightmares).

    Let us know how you get on tonight:)

    Take care
  4. kazz

    kazz Gold Member

    Best of luck with LL....dont worry about the last few days...last supper is something a lot of us do!!

    You will be looking and feeling fab for your wedding, pics and measurements are a great idea!
  5. VirgoGirl

    VirgoGirl Full Member

    Thanks for your message, and congrats on your wedding too!
    I loathe having my photo taken and it's really the thought of having dozens of cameras pointing at me from every angle on the wedding day that's making me do this.
    Am not keen on taking my before pic tonight, but am hoping it will serve as inspiration whenever I waver on LL.
  6. Goombagirl

    Goombagirl Full Member

    Good luck for tonight - I started on Sunday and it's been OK so far - not really been hungry. Can't say I enjoyed having my photos done but I suppose we don't have to look at them if we don't want! I was so pleased to actually start - I hate waiting once I've decided to do something, so I know how you feel!
  7. tootsie

    tootsie Silver Member

    Best of luck for tonight Virgo Girl.

    I know I had my fair share of last suppers and yes i put on weight from my info meeting to my start date!!

    if you need any help on your first few days then don't forget to give us a shout!! For some they can be O.K and for others they can be terrible. This only lasts a few days and by this time next week you will feel on top of the world, the hard times ( and I had a few) are far out weighed by the results and how you feel after your first week:D

    Let us know your stats and I will add you to the list hun.

    take care and best of luck again:)
  8. VirgoGirl

    VirgoGirl Full Member

    Well, I did it.

    Up until yesterday, I'd felt nothing but positive about starting LL. But I had major wobbles. Felt anxious and a bit sick on my way to class.

    There were eight of us in the class, and I think we'll get along nicely.

    The LLC wasn't best pleased when I told him I couldn't make next week's session (we have theatre tickets that were booked in December) but when I explained that I'd booked them for a Tuesday on the strength of him telling me the LL classes would be on a Wednesday, he backed off!

    Couldn't sleep last night, thinking about LL too much. Fretting about how I'll cope with social situations and being around food all day at work. But, if I don't try I'll never know.

    So, Day 1 is here. I drank first bottle of water on the tube. Now sipping my way through second. Will have first food pack at 10am - can't decide between chocolate and vanilla ......
  9. Stardreamer

    Stardreamer Supportive

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    Well done Virgo gilrl.
    You bought your tickets, gone to the Lighterlife Station got on the train and are on the way to Thindom!! Dont worry about a thing. You are going to be just fine. When ketosis kicks in all the hunger dissapears!! It's fantastic. Keep dreaming but instead of worry dreams dream of getting into the clothes that you like as this dream WILL soon come true. As long as you stick to the plan.
    I look forward to reading about your journey. Keep glugging the water the more that you drink the more weight that you will loose!!
  10. tootsie

    tootsie Silver Member


    So I guess your brain has been working over time on how you will cope with social situations, this was my biggest fear too. Can I really do it???? The answer is yes you can and you will!!!

    I had my first occasion on Saturday and I was so nervous that I was shaking. 15 of ladies out for a 30th birthday, limo with champagne, China Whites in London, with masses of food and free drinks:eek: :eek: :eek: It was hard I wont lie but I just kept telling myself "what is a few months out of the rest of my life" when the end result will be better than I ever thought it could be!!!

    Once you get stuck in you won't want to break the cycle you are in because the end goal will be further off than if you remain 100% committed. (and who wants to draw this out any longer than is necessary??:confused:

    Good luck for today babe, and I am here if you need anything
    :) :) :)
  11. gaijingirl

    gaijingirl has lying hips

    Go Virgo!

    You're the most determined person I've ever met!! You will do this fabulously....

    (and she's gorgeous anyway!!! :D _
  12. meghan1409

    meghan1409 Full Member

    well done tootsie on going to the event and sticking to the diet, that's impressive will power right there! its something you can look back on and be proud of.
  13. tootsie

    tootsie Silver Member

    Thanks Meghan. I wont lie it was almost like torture, but I felt so good the next morning that I managed to survive, that feeling is enough to keep you going:)
  14. tootsie

    tootsie Silver Member

    oh and by the way, you weight loss is inspirational:D :D
  15. meghan1409

    meghan1409 Full Member

    Oh yah, its SO good the morning after. I'm now at the stage where I can see the finish line a few weeks away, and am feeling so good about how I'm looking that going out for big nights out is NOTHING. I have so much energy I just want to dance all night, and I don't feel like an outcast at all... the social genuinely does get easier.

    And THANK YOU :-D You'll be there soon too.. 36lbs will fly.
  16. meghan1409

    meghan1409 Full Member

    oh, and my ticker is messed up.. i havent lost 66kg! I've lost 66lbs, and have 23 to go lol. Not quite as dramatic!
  17. VirgoGirl

    VirgoGirl Full Member

    so, it's Day Three and I have my first 'pop-in' tonight.

    Am now having a bit of a wobble. Still hungry, still headachy (hope it's not dehydration as have done 3½ litres so far today - it's 2pm) and afraid I
    1) won't have lost any weight
    2) am not in ketosis yet

    So badly want to eat something - the thought of a cheese sandwich is driving me insane - and the road ahead looks long and bleak.

    Sorry, having a self-indulgent, miserable moment. Feel a bit better for getting it off my chest. Perhaps I'll treat myself to a Thai Chilli soup to cheer myself up .....
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  19. meghan1409

    meghan1409 Full Member

    Virgo, don't worry - just don't touch the food, you WILL lose, you WILL be in ketosis. Promise :)

    Oh and my best advice is try not to think too far in advance. Get through little chunks... I was absolutely miserable the first week or 2, psychologically.. because it just seemed SO far away. But it does fly once you get in the groove, and before you know it you'll be nearing the finish line.

    You CAN do it.
  20. slinkytobe

    slinkytobe Full Member

    Yes Virgo hang in there!!! You are probably passed that moment now, and hopefully feel much better. Maybe you are at your class, so that will give you a real boost. Come back and let us know how you got on.

    I remember when I felt like eating. You've got to remind yourself that you are so close to be over that wall. If you eat something now you don't want to start climbing it again. Once you get over you will feel much better.

    Good luck and sorry nobody was there for you earlier when you needed us.
  21. VirgoGirl

    VirgoGirl Full Member

    thank you for the encouraging words!

    Got back from pop-in, peed on the stick, am in ketosis - just, although LLC said I'm dehydrated (despite drinking 5 litres a day).

    Oh, and I've lost 5.5 lbs

  22. meghan1409

    meghan1409 Full Member

    Great news!

    My advice is to drink the water slower - sip slowly throughout the day. You'll get to your 4 litres easily and not rush it. If you're wee is clear, you're drinking too quickly and its just the water going straight through and not taking any toxins out with it.

    I was apparently quite dehydrated my first couple weeks despite drinking 5-6 litres... then I established a more gradual rhythm with 4 a day (sometimes 3), and I've always lost about 4.4lbs per week.
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