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Finally got warned by my doctor to lose weight

Discussion in 'Slimming World Off Topic' started by Mrs JJ, 10 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. Mrs JJ

    Mrs JJ Full Member

    Even though my brain is saying I'll be ok.....

    What's wrong with me?

    Doc says I have an enlarged liver due to my weight.......what does this mean?
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  3. SlimmerGem

    SlimmerGem Member

    I'm really sorry :( I think you might still be in denial. My Drs have been warning me for years that my weight puts me at higher risk of blood clots because of the pill & that I couldn't conceive because of it too! It's still taken me a while to get my head into the right place to lose weight!

    I'm not sure what an enlarged liver means really, might be worth asking your GP to clarify. x

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  4. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    I agree with SlimmerGem make an appt to see your doctor & clarify what an enlarged liver means.

    Only you can lose weight, if you're determined you'll do it.

    Have you started SW? If so it may help if you start a diary on here, I take pics of my food which helps keep me on track, even though I'm a maintainer I still record my syns & weigh hexs when needed.

    Good luck
  5. Mrs JJ

    Mrs JJ Full Member

    I'm not sure if it's being in denial or the fact that I know to lose weight and be healthy like I want to I have to stop doing the things that got me here......yes ok denial

    I know that if I give it up I would sleep better, be more awake at work, not be hungry all the next day which means I blow whatever diet I'm on before lunchtime, not spend to much money and not keep gaining weight.......

    So if I know all this why do I think giving up the vodka is boring?????????

    I will admit, I have had the worst 4 years of my life (my mum died from cancer) which has led me to gain over the 5st that I lost before all the pain.....

    It has just dawned on me to think of this like I did when I gave up smoking over 20 years ago, (also the last time I was thin!!!!)

    I found giving up smoking the easiest thing ever

    All makes sense what I have to do when I write it down, so what's stopping me?
  6. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    Take each day at a time and I know it seems obvious but plan meals, plan yummy meals, with SW you don't need to go hungry there are so many things you can eat. Take a look at a diaries on here & see if you get some ideas for meals which will keep you on track, and don't forget to treat yourself, vodka is allowed!!!!
  7. solange

    solange Full Member

    I hope you can get the enlarged liver clarified by a professional and not by googling. I do know the liver is an amazing organ. My husband had 25% of his liver removed and another large tumour lasered just before last Christmas due to cancer which had spread. I believe it has probably grown back by now and he is doing really well and finally finished chemo. Unreal. Best of luck and come out fighting. This is a good place to get some back up. :):)
  8. Mrs JJ

    Mrs JJ Full Member

    Thanks all, I'm feeling more positive about things this morning, I'm going to plan my meals for the week today xxxx

    Thanks :)
  9. janetelizabeth

    janetelizabeth Gold Member

  10. Mrs JJ

    Mrs JJ Full Member

    I have to admit not brill......

    I haven't had a drink since Sunday, but I'm having a few tonight.....

    I have been sleeping better and going to bed earlier, but as normal after a couple of days of being good I get bored aaaaaaaaaaaaa

    How the hell am I ever going to stick to any plan if I get bored of being good and going to bed at a good time after just 3 days :-(

    WTF is wrong with me?
  11. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    Are you doing SW?, I assume so as you've posted in the SW section but you stats don't say;)

    Have you had a look at peoples diaries on here? if you're bored after a few days what's the cause, food, no longer interested, feel the need to eat when not hungry??????????

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