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FINALLY! I have cracked the 12's!!!


can see the end in sight!
yes! as of this morning (not my official weigh in until Wednesday next week) i am FINALLY in the 12's! only 12 stone 13 but I don't care, the 13's have been haunting me for too bloody long! I honestly thought I would never ever get under 13 stone, but now I can really see the light at the end of the tunnel! Hoping for a few more lbs to drop off this week and next week nearly taking me to GOAL! unbelievable. :eek: i never thought i would get this far!

sorry for rambling, it's just such a massive monkey off my back to finally get out of the 13's. CD rocks, i will almost be sad to finish it after working up the plans.

hope everyone is having a fab 100% day! x
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can see the end in sight!
thank you very much Jim, you're so sweet! I feel so much better it's untrue. never ever again will i let the weight go back on, I have worked too hard to get it off. Just hoping that I don't find moving up the steps too difficult though, as i know the hard part really starts there.


Shut up Ethel
Well done, you do indeed look fabulous, and so pleased for you that you cracked the 12s I know how long you've been waiting for that! Lx
Well done!:D I know what you mean about taking ages to crack the 12's-I thought I'd never get there. Now I feel like I'll never get out of the 11's things are going so slooooow!:) Only 30lbs now till goal-you're even closer-it must feel great. Can't wait till I'm nearly there!


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You've done amazingly well, you should be really proud of your self - the day i get onto the 13st i'm going to pee my pants with excitement (TMI??) [STRIKE]if[/STRIKE] WHEN i get into the 12's i think i could possibly have a heart attack.


can see the end in sight!
thanks guys :) aww i feel all emotional. i almost cannot believe it, i never ever thought i would nearly be at goal so quickly. nearly 7 stone gone forever never ever to come back!
very well done you have done amazing

i have moved on to ss plus today after 24 weeks on ss cant wait to have some cottage cheese and cucumber tonight he he!!!
very well done

you are where I want to be ! in the 12's ! we are aiming for similar goals and i hope that maybe in a week or so I am posting a similar post to you that I am in the 12's!
wow well done on 7 stone that is fantastic. very well done you !


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what a great day for you, you must be very proud! and what a nice positive post about it never coming back, I love inspirational people, it keeps us all going



WILL be Slim!
your super hun and hope the rest of those pounds come off soon to get you to goal!!!
You are stunning hun and i'm dead impressed at how far you have come!
Now get shopping.....new clothes certainly required to celebrate! :D (any excuse hay!)


One day at a time!
That's so fantastic, well done:) Can't wait to join you, but by then you'll be further down the scales!


can see the end in sight!
i am really chuffed!! thanks all. go CD and go us!!


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Really well done, you look really fabulous in your pics and you can really tell that you feel great! I cannot wait until I see the 12's, I feel like I have been in the 13's so blooming long.

This diet really does change your life - am sure you will get to goal and maintain really well - you deserve it!

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