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Finding out my weight


The Diet Guy

Well this is the starting point! I only gets better from here!

Therefore take the result and look forwards, you can't change the past but you can shape your future!

Have fun on it and go for it!

The great thing is that you are facing up to it now and preparing to do something about it. You have chosen a great diet, it works if you work it!!! After weigh in you will know all the facts and with CD you have the tool you need to change :) Best wishes
Hi Colawater,

I completely agree with Mike.... you've done so well to get the support you need... Your first weigh in. The first step is done. Yay!

Next goal get through a day, get into ketosis, then a week and it should be smooth enough if you remember this is where you started. You will be amazed by your first week loss and this will help you through your second week.

Good luck and don't forget we are all here to help.



Recovering Foodaholic
Heya Cola,

Congratulations on taking control. The first weigh-in is always the hardest, Hunny.

Think of today as the beginning of the rest of your life, leave your past behind you and start your journey to a new, energised and healthy you.

You can do it! xx


is going to loose!
Good luck Colawater, try not to stress too much about the number. You have made a decision to do something about it and in no time things will be looking up!

Keep us posted.

Thanks for the advice. :D
The longer i spend looking at how well you have all done the more excited i am about starting, i no its not going to be easy but im going to give it my best shot!
Way to go Cola!!!
Onwards and downwards! You'll be ecstatic next week with your first weeks loss. I had my first weigh in on Friday, so I know how you feel. But it doesn't matter does it, as we won't be that weight ever again!


I remember asking my CDC not to tell me what I weighed...and I just got the number of lbs lost for a while. :) Couldn't cope with reality...so just avoided it till I could cope.

You don't HAVE to know what you weigh....if it's going to set you back, but you might find that it fuels your fire to get going and ruddy do this thing!!!!


Mad as a Hatter
As someone said early - with CD you know that you will never be that weight again, and that it is just a number after all..
None of us likes what we weigh which is why we are on CD, except of course the ones who are very near target.. but look on the bright side - that will be you in a few weeks / months...

You have the power to change this..



One day at a time!
Hello Cola, well you probably know the worst by now but after today you needn't ever be that much again! Your first week's weigh-in will be a lovely surprise for you. And don't forget, whatever you have to lose there will be someone here on the forum who either has the same journey to make, is well on the way, or has already done it - proving that you can do it too! Well done for deciding to do something about it NOW!:)


Going for Goal!
I go to get weighed today and im so scared i no i will come home feeling so sad, i dont have a clue what i weigh but its not good, why do i leave it so long to do something about it!
Awww hunnie, don't be disheartened. We have to know the 'truth' at some point to enable us to do something positive about it. The minute your foot goes through that door, you should be feeling on top of the world, that you are doing something positive about your health, and no doubt self confidence.

Just think hun, this time next year you will be a skinny minni! :D:D:D

Each week you get on them scales from here on out will be a complete buzz and confidence boost ;)

I never thought ME, EMMA, would EVER look forward to getting on scales. But now I'm practically running to my weigh in!! It'll come to you soon too hunnie - watch this space :p

Big Hugs x xx x