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Finished CD

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by clairus99, 28 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. clairus99

    clairus99 New Member


    i cannot do the diet any more sadly and therefore i have a few soup packs left over if anyone wants them. i have tried to list them on ebay but was told i cannot seld food on there so i wondered if anyone here would be interested. please feel free to message me.

    i have 15x soups - 11 of which are lactose-free leek & potato, the other 4 are tomato. the use by dates on 4 of them is 22 dec 09, on the rest of the L&P 14 jan 10 and the tomato 24.01.10.

    i'll send them for £25 and send whatever is left after postage to the myasthenia gravis charity on behalf of my niece who has congenital myasthenia syndrome (if you remember there was a court case in the news recently where sadly a baby's ventilation was turned off, he had the same condition).

    i know it's kind of frowned upon to do this but i'm not out to rip anyone off or profit from this - if you like your soups here is some variety, maybe it will give you the freedom to play around with the recipes without losing a meal!

    i am no longer in contact with my counsellor otherwise i would have offered to sell them back to her.


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  3. clairus99

    clairus99 New Member

    if you think £25 is too much make me an offer - am happy to deliver in person or have you pick them up (i'm in west london near heathrow)

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