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Finishing my journey

details to follow but I have decided to finish my weightloss journey by getting to at least 12st. I'm currently 13st 12lbs (tonight, so morning weight is 2lbs less I would expect). I have been considering 13st 4lbs to be my maintaining weight recently but now I feel that I may as well aim to get to 12st (or less if I'm still overweight), and then aim to maintain within 7lbs of that.

First meeting tomorrow night, with a Friday start. For reasons that I'm sure most will understand, I'm getting a mixture of support and horror from people.
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hi andy
good luck 17lb will be gone in no time, you know that
start posting back on here more too, we will keep you in line!
daisy x
Firstly, well done on keeping the weight off through a very difficult time. You've oversome a huge hurdle already.

17lbs? Should be gone in under a month I reckon.

I got the same reaction from people when I went back onto packs. LL works for you though and it's what you're happy with. And ultimately, that's what matters!

All the best and keep us updated on your progress xx
Hi Andy! Good on you for biting the bullet and taking the steps you want to take for YOU.

I think BL said it when returning to abstinence - completion of the initial, unfinished journey is required. SOmetimes, mentally, we need closure. I'm sure this will be yours.

With you all the way - and it will be a short trip this time. xx
I do understand Andy

You'll be getting the ones who say "don't lose any more - you'll look gaunt" I bet they are the ones who are slimmer than you!
Just do what you feel is right for you.
Even if you get to 12st and then decide you want to go back up a little bit, you will have achieved your aim.
Good luck Sir, won't take long.
Welcome back.x


Making it all add up
Andy, welcome back - so good to hear from you.

Good luck with the last little push, I hope things are more stable in your life & I know you'll power through the last few lbs :)


Is back in the saddle!
Go for it Andy! A nice completion will do you the world of good.
thanks folks - I'm more scared this time than last. I know it's harder the second time (fortunately I'm not looking at 6 months this time).

I'm 13st 11bs this morning so I expect to be over 14st tonight. so it'll be more like 30lbs to lose. I will probably want to go lower than 12st but will see what it's like when I get there. it looks like I may miss christmas two years in a row lol

thanks again - am just so nervous about possibly failing.
Andy - I would think you'll be into RTM by Christmas easily. Are you going to complete RTM this time? I know you had health issues part way in last time.

Enjoy the experience. You are doing this for the most important person - YOU!

Are you still enjoying life and special company?

You don't need to

miss Christmas. Just the food and drink.
You can still enjoy yourself. I did last year.

thanks folks - it's day 1 now and all I have left to do is switch from pepsi max to water. I am excited and glad to not be back at work till Tuesday as this means I can feel ill at home.Hopefully I don't though as I'm at a gig on Sunday night.

Excellent point that I can still have Christmas. I don't need food and drink to have one.

I weighed in last night at 14st but that was wearing heavy jeans and I left my shoes on. This was deliberate so that I don't obsess about what I'm wearing each week and trying to make it as light as possible. it also means that I can build in a small buffer to what I tell people my weight is- I'll really be a little lighter but they won't need to know that.

I'm considering aiming for 11st with the knowledge that half a stone will go back on quickly. and while it sounds low it isn't really. just that people don't really understand a healthy weight. people seem more concerned when romeone might get too light than when they might be too heavy.

I'm still giving consideration to rtm. my food issues are very different now. I'm eating healthily most of the time (blonde logic would be ever so proud of me ;) ). I may do a 6 week rtm instead. will know better when I get there.

Still have my lively gf and although it's early days, we already consider this a ltr. We plan to live togethernext year at dome point, and have discussed marriage and kids. We are on the same page which is nice. :)