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First 3 weeks? A stone?

Discussion in 'Slim And Save' started by CURVYlicious, 8 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. CURVYlicious

    CURVYlicious Full Member

    Hiya everyone
    Just started slim and save
    Today is my first day
    I just wanted to know is it true that you lose your first stone in the first 3 weeks? And then a stone a month? I have a holiday in 7 weeks and really want to lose 2 stone! X

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  3. cheekychick81

    cheekychick81 Gold Member

    It depends if you stick with it Nd how much you have to lose etc... I have a lot to lose and lost 24lbs in the first 3 weeks... Good luck :)
  4. CURVYlicious

    CURVYlicious Full Member

    Oh wow excellent! :) Well it says you lose a stone a month on the website im hoping i lose a liiiittle bit moreee!!! X
    Good Luck with the rest x x

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  5. cheekychick81

    cheekychick81 Gold Member

    Thanks! Good luck to you! It's up to you what you choose to do but personally I have the best results when I just stick to the plan...no jelly or coke zero for example... But I guess that's your choice :) let us know how you are getting on!
  6. CURVYlicious

    CURVYlicious Full Member

    I am trying to focus on only having my packs i did have some cucumber and 2 boiled eggs as allowed on plan but only to ensure i put my cravings at bay in the first week! I am just hoping to get through the first week which is sopposedely the hardest paaaart! After that hopefully it will be second nature and in 7 weeks time i would have lost 2 stone hopefully!!! =) x

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  7. LV30

    LV30 Gold Member


    Everyone is different. You may well lose 2stone in 7 weeks (it's more than possible!!). I've seen people lost a stone in their first week, and be disappointed when they've lost only 2lbs in the second week.... or nothing at all... EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT AND PEOPLE LOSE AT DIFFERENT RATES!!

    Good luck!!

  8. CURVYlicious

    CURVYlicious Full Member

    Oh fab! =) x thanku. Xx

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  9. Stick2thePlan

    Stick2thePlan Member

    Hi.. Was just wondering how you got on, on your first week ? X

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