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First day!! And road to slim!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by weim01, 6 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. weim01

    weim01 Full Member

    Hi everyone

    It's my first day and it goes as follows.

    HE= skimmed milk
    HE= 30g reduced fat cheddar

    Banana & apple

    Cooked pasta with chopped tomatoes with mixed herbs

    Fat free yogurt

    Chicken breast oven cooked with onion, pasta and chopped tomatoes! I'm very full and perhaps had too much pasta?!

    I'm now needing a yogurt or a little something sweet! :)
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  3. miss14

    miss14 Full Member

    Hey hun.. Good job on your first day! Will subscribe to this and see how you're getting on. Good luck!
  4. Siggy74

    Siggy74 Silver Member

    Great first day, well done. x
  5. weim01

    weim01 Full Member

    Thank you very much! I'm feeling pretty good! This morning.... I wasn't hungry at all last night!

    So Happy Friday & let's do this! :)
  6. Princess_Stevie

    Princess_Stevie Gold Member

    Hey! Just wanted to point out that you get 30g normal cheddar as a healthy extra. If you're using reduced fat cheddar you get 40g, so you could be conning yourself out of 10g here ;)

    However, I did notice that it appears you're having two Healthy Extra A choices, rather than an A and a B. Two lots of calcium (milk and cheese), rather than a calcium option and a fibre option, i.e. bread or cereal, etc. On Extra Easy you should chose one of each, it is all explained in the books and online. Hope this helps!
  7. jchloemarie

    jchloemarie Member

    Hiya hun, I'm new to all this also, don't really have a clue how to use this site lol......your food diary is looking good for your first day.
  8. MrsSOS

    MrsSOS Full Member

    :welcome: weim01 and good luck with your SW journey! You are off to a great start :clap:

    It's always a little confusing when you begin organising your eating plan the SW way and I agree with Princess_Stevie, you appear to have 2 Healthy Extra 'A' portions.
    If you are following Extra Easy then her advice is sound :)

    Hope you don't mind, but I also notice that you haven't *quite* managed a 5-a-day with your fruit and vegetables (banana, apple, tomatoes and onion).
    Fruit and vegetables are your "Super Free" foods and it is recommended that they should fill 1/3rd of your plate with Free foods filling the remaining 2/3rds.

    My DH is very, very fussy when it comes to vegetables and, even though he isn't following SW, he is having to endure whatever *I* dish up (because I am following SW :giggle: ).
    To "up" his intake of vegetables, I serve a bowl of side salad alongside his dinner plate - he feels rather special now ;) :giggle:
    He doesn't like many salad veg. so it's mainly a selection of shredded lettuce, cucumber, raw mushroom, cooked beetroot, sweet corn and pickled onions (in one combination or another) maybe some grated carrot if I can sneak it in before he notices :whistle: .

    Do you have particular vegetables you enjoy more than others that you could mix into a bowl of side salad to increase your intake?
  9. weim01

    weim01 Full Member

    That's a good idea I do feel like maybe I'm eating too much pasta!

    I am going shopping today! So before I go I shall have a look at recipe ideas.

    I like most veg but I found it hard to add any extra to the pasta as I only had broccoli so I don't think that would go very well!

    I think perhaps I should syn any extra milk that I have for tea & coffee?

    And that way I can still have cereal?
  10. miss14

    miss14 Full Member

    You can still have cereal as your Healthy Extra B in the morning - I have 30g of bran flakes for mine :) how are you getting on?
  11. weim01

    weim01 Full Member

    So I had my first weigh in not great 1lb on! I have has 2 x works meals which were unavoidable.

    This week is a new week I must stick to the book. How's your week been?
  12. MrsSOS

    MrsSOS Full Member

    1lb on isn't the end of the world - you have reflected on it and can see where it may have come from :bighug:

    Good luck this week weim :)
  13. miss14

    miss14 Full Member

    Exactly, 1lb on isn't the worst thing in the world and at least you know where you have strayed a bit. It's so much worst when you don't know what you've done wrong! My week so far has been very naughty as I have been away for the last few days, but lots of free/super free until Wednesday and as little syns as possible to try and get a little loss. Preparing myself to stay the same, but definitely don't want to put on.
  14. miss14

    miss14 Full Member

    Have a great week by the way! Keep updating :)

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