First day mid success i think.


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OK so day 1 of orlistat and meal replacements....

Woke up this morning nervous n worried about starting today but went for it, I had a caramel machiatto meal replacement shake which took me about 1 n a half hours mins to finish as I struggle eating n drinking in the morning ... Took my orlistat mid way through drinking that.

Lunch time come along and was still feeling full n not up for trying another shake so instead I had a big glass of fresh pineapple juice, which I actually enjoyed a lot I had my 2nd orlistat then also, now I dunno if it was the morning orlistat or coincidence but I suddenly needed the loo, or so I felt turned out to just be gas, but from the horror stories I've read about symptoms I was worried! Haha, anyways all was good, I went for a walk into town on my own to collect bits n bobs (first time in 3 years I have done this so huge achievement for me!) Got home and all felt good...

Afternoon and time for dinner/tea whatever ya wanna call it, anyways I forgot I promised kids pizza night if they had a good few days in school holidays, so I kept my word n we ordered pizza, I know this was probably a bad idea but they know its a once a month occurrence and I didn't want to let them down (and the wife and myself couldn't be bothered cooking haha) had dinner and my third orlistat of the day, and played a few games online with my brother then took my daughter to bed, came back through n my wee fella said dad can I watch u play a game, so I was like sure.... I swear he gonna be a director or something when he is older, turns out as I keep getting shot in game if I see a bad guy I have to run away haha, chilled out a bit hoping to be tired but I'm not so watching some ufc and here I am.

Roll on day 2 n no more pizza nights for a month lol, I apologise if this is not supposed to be posted here but I can't get into diary bitty as haven't had 50 posts.
Starting out can be really tough but it does work when you stick to it. Just remember to stick to rules and you will be fine. Good luck with your journey !