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First Day..must decorate the bathroom!!

We'll have started today, will eventually be an Exante girl so am posting my diary here! After much research and soul searching I had decided to start Exante this week, I have a week off work for half term so figured I could keep myself busy walking dogs, watching films and reading a good book but it wouldn't be so bad if I felt a bit feeble, I could spoil myself with a bubble bath or an afternoon nap. Then disaster struck, my beloved Moggie Minor, Doris, failed her MOT....spectacularly...and had to spend what I'd saved for it...plus my Exante fund to get her sorted as my partner is using her for work at the moment...I just don't have the money to shell out on my bumper pack untill payday...the week after my week off!!! aaarghhh!!
I had really got my head around starting and was so dissapointed, then after a very random out of the blue conversation (again in the loo...there's a theme here I'm sure) a lovely lady from work who has reciently lost quite a bit of weight offered me a weeks supply of her CD shakes the ones she doesn't like....she hadn't told anyone at work that's how she had lost weight as she was a bit uncomfortable with it. We both work with young adults and often have to deliver healthy eating talks and also deal with students who have eating disorders...I understood...but so glad I had been open with her or I would of missed the oportunity to make this my week!!!
So had a shake for breakfast and half a tesco's ultra slim bar at about 12ish, had two black coffee's and two pint's of water...and have spent the whole morning peeing for Britain and have decided the bathroom need's livening up a little if I am going to be spending so much time in there!!!
And can I say....I'm bloody starving....and have a banging headache....but really really really want this to work.....when will I stop feeling hungry....I know...a few days till ketosis set's in.....will keep looking at all the inspiring stories on here...and if anyone else is a newbie and want's to be a buddy...let me know.
I weighed in yesterday at 16st 7lb, so some good ish news, had managed to keep off half a stone of my last two stone loss at slimming world, I always manage to get around two stone off in around four months and then loose my way....I am an emotional eater and will eat for any occation. I can't walk past the fridge without looking in it and really want to break the cycle.....the binge diet cycle that is...not my unused bicycle that is rusting away in the garage.
I had promised myself last year when I turned 40 that I wouldn't be fat in my forties having spent most of my 30's watching my weight creep up from 11st to where I am know. I carry my weight well...I think.....and people are alway shocked when I tell them what I weigh. I have been wearing size 16/18/20 for the last five years or so and really want to get into a 12/14. I am worried about loosing to much boob though as my boob's have been my saving grace...I go in and out....just too far out!! I hate having to perminantly suck my tummy in...and rearrange my top so it's not excentuating my tummy....you know that pulling it out so it doesn't cling thing....anyway I'm rambling..and am no way near as elequant as some of the post's on here...just trying to keep myself busy I supose.....well is it time for another glass of water..and a trip to my boring loo?...think it is...thanks for listening!!
Big...but not so big soon...Love Clare.
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hi and welcome keeping your self busy is the trick i think in the first week, i have just finished my second week and can say this weekend is alot easier than the last 2.......... as for feeling hungry dont worry that will pass in a couple of days the hardest thing to battle with is still wanting the taste of food i think that also gets so much easier as the weight falls off........... stay strong you will be fine :) xxx,


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Clare it's good to see that you have started your own diary thread. I really feel that it helps me, keeps my hands on the keyboard and out of my mouth. I have to keep busy or I could start thinking about food and wanting to eat. So I fill my day with as much as I can. Funnily enough tho I still enjoy cooking a varied diet for my hubby and I do even bake for him too. I can be seen with my nose in a pan or head stuck in the oven smelling the food; but there are no calories in smells so I can sniff all I like.
I am also an emotional eater and am desperately trying to conquer that one; I don't need much of an excuse to want to celebrate, commiserate or just treat myself cos I've had a hard day. I have been buying myself some nice but cheap non food treats for those occaissions. I've had a pedicure, bought myself some individual sachets of face packs, new nail varnishes, fancy socks, nice shower gel and body scrub. The list is endless as to what you can treat yourself to instead of food.
Anyway enough of me (starting to ramble on your thread now as well as mine lol, sorry) I wish you lots of good luck and if you give this diet 100% it works x Debbie
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I'm on day 1 too so I know just how you feel! I haven't stopped peeing! I don't think I'm hungry exactly I'm just not used to not being able to eat what I want like I did before, i'm an emotional eater too.

I just keep thinking about weigh in next saturday! We can do this!


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Aha, I have found you!

How nice of your colleague to give you her shakes! I much prefer the Exante ones, I wonder if you will after trying them both?!

I can totally relate to losing 2 stone then falling over the wagon, and I eat every time I go through the kitchen it seems! Well no more!!

I'll keep popping in here for moral support. WE CAN DO THIS!!

Sarah xx
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good luck - you have definitely make a good choice with exante. if i can do this then so can you....the weight literally melts away!
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Best of luck x
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I'm on day 7 and still a frequent pee'er hehe!! Good luck with today honestly it gets easier , everyday is easier! Hunger passes, just drink that water xx

aug 2008- 18 st 5 lb 17/10/11- 12 st 13
Well, still here but struggling. Woke at 5.30....probably because I went to sleep at 9.00 last night to overcome the evening munchies. Felt o.k...not too hungry. Had a cuppa but weakened and had a splash of skimmed milk in it....is that terrible? Had a shake at 8.30....my stomach was rowing with me and I was worried the rumbling would wake the rest of the house. Thought it would be nice to have a hot chocolate shake.....wrong.....tasted and smelt vile....managed half of it...banging headache....thinking about having half a bar now but know that means I'll suffer later......and just realising....this is it for the next few months.....no food!!! I think this must be what an alcoholic feels like when they give up the booze.
On the plus side, my daughter asked me to have a drinkie with her last night before she went out for the evening with friends....I turned down the glass of wine and had a Doc Pepper instead....had a ciggie and put it out half way....I only really smoke socially...funny as it is really unsocial these days!!....but I only really smoke with a drink.....so maybe the smoking may be on the way out too......if I can keep it up today....do feel like I'm in morning for all the food I can't eat!!!!.....Help!!
Clare xx


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I always have a dash of skimmed milk in my coffee, but I only have 1 or 2 cups a day. On Cambridge SS+ you have 4 packs a day and an allowance of skimmed milk, so I just have a little to make my days slightly less tasteless lol.

If you can get through the next few days, it will get better. The *need* for food will always be there, hanging around in the back of you mind. You need to rise above it and concentrate on your goal. This diet is not forever. It is not being forced upon you, it is your choice to do it. This diet is hard, but then so easy too. It works for me as I have found in the past (look at my photos - CD Take 2), and I am determined to do it again. I'm here for you xx
Thanks so much Sarette....it is nice to know...and lovely to hear that it is possible...I know it's my choice....not always made the best choices in the past....especially with food.....let's hope this one is the right one for me. xx
Here I am..day three..and all alone in the hopefully not so big soon house!!! Everyone is at work....the dog's are nagging for walkies but I feel like Bambi on ice....could probably manage to walk the old boy Beau (17 yr old Border Collie)as he and I are probably about as agile as each other....but Billy the 7yr old Border Collie still thinks he's a puppy and pulls like a steam train...till he gets off lead on the beach...but the idea of getting up and down the shingle seems a bit daunting!! I made it 100% yesterday but still can't stop thinking about food.....think I'll be on here alot today keeping busy....how's everyone else doing....could do with some good news....when will ketosis start ?
Big love Clare xxx
S: 16st8lb C: 16st3lb G: 11st13lb BMI: 33.5 Loss: 0st5lb(2.16%)
I'm with you on day 3, I hope ketosis kicks in for me soon too.

I'm thinking of food a lot too but I don't really feel all that hungry - it's just kicking the habit. It's hard but we can do it, one day at a time x


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Well done on your diet so far. I really found that day 4 when i woke up i felt different... not so hungry, more energy, more 'normal'. I know it's different for everyone, but hopefully you're not too far away now :) Stick with it, it's pointless putting yourself through it to then eat something and have to do it again!! x
Well what an odd day..my head has been all over the place....some real feelings of euporia and some moments of....please let me eat now!!!..also have a kind of odd tast in my mouth..it's not strong but it's a bit like when you have a cold and you get that thick feeling in your mouth like you need to clean your teeth even though you have..and you haven't eaten anything!!! Had a shake for breakfast and my bar for brunch and late lunch.....I also had two cups of tea and a coffee...both with a dash of milk..and a cup of Bovril....don't usually but thought it might be a bit like having a soup...I haven't got anything savoury only shakes and bars....I also seem to have an odd smell under my arms.....have showered and had a bubble bath to keep me occupied...but it's still there....anyone else had that. My head still aches a bit like eye strain....and I have a kind of empty feeling inside..not quite hunger but rumbling tummy!!! Sorry lot's of rambling..and some moaning...like I said...funny day.

How is everyone else? Love to frenchfancy...hope your feeling better soon.
Much love Clare xxx
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It sounds like ketosis might be on its way if you're experiencing the bad breath!
I promise you it does get easier (especially once you're in ketosis), and you won't constantly be thinking about food forever. It just takes a while for the hunger to pass, and for you to develop new habits around your 'eating' routines.
At first, I just couldn't get my head around the fact that these packs were *all* I'd be eating for the foreseable future, but now it's just my normal day to day routine!

I know exactly what you mean about the rumbling tummy without the hunger though...I had it pretty much constantly for the first couple of weeks, and I still occasionally get it now. Keeping your stomach full with water really does help....although I'm now used to getting up 3 times every night for the toilet!!

Anyway, that's enough rambling from me!
Good luck for the rest of your first week x


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S: 18st9lb C: 13st12lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 33.3 Loss: 4st11lb(25.67%)
Ooh sounds like ketosis to me! I always know when it has arrived as my mouth tastes like something died in it!! Haha! Hubby also claims I smell different... nice hey! With a bit of luck you will wake up tomorrow feeling full of energy. I have an almost 5 month old puppy and I admit I haven't quite got the energy to walk him at the mo, but then totm is really getting to me :(

Here's to day 4! xx
Managed to stay 100% yesterday...and clinging in there today. Not sure if I'm in ketosis yet, strange taste in mouth is not terrible...could just be the strange chemical shakes and black coffee. I am still getting waves of hunger but other times feel fine. Really can't tell as I've never done this before BUT.......had promised myself I wouldn't weigh, had a weigh in and a bmi check at Tesco last Friday and was going to do the same this week, my old scales have no battrey in them so no temptation but went into my daughters room to get some washing(trying to keep busy!) and found a really old set of scales and could't resist.....apparently I've lost 8lb in four days!!....don't want to get over excited as they are very old and probably not very accurate...but I hope that means some weight loss at least. I have done very little in the last few days, pottered around the house, wathing films and reading a book, well I am on holiday! but I am concerned about returning to work next week, will I manage if I'm still feeling hungry and wobbly? Does ketosis always stop the hunger or have some people just felt constantly hungry. Strangely I'm craving healthy foods, a big crispy salad and some chicken breast, anything home made really, the kinds of food I'd eat on Slimming world, so I guess that's good. I had thought of returning to slimming world once I've lost a good bit of the weight to try and maintain and loose the last stone or two, if I don't set my target weight too high I can reach that and then attend for free. I think the red days are not to carb laden but I would normally be a green day girl as like most of us on here I am a carb craver!!! We'll rambled on again for ages....thanks for listening.
Much love and positive thoughts to all,
Clare xx

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