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first day of exante(hopefully)

hi everyone as the title says this is my first day of exante, well im hoping it will be as i put my order in yesterday morning so hope it will be here soon as i havent eaten yet..lol ive been reading through all the posts and im hoping this is really going to work for me, i have been doing WW pro points and ive lost 16lb so far which im really pleased with but it just seems to have taken a lifetime so im going to try exante to shift as much weight as possible (probably need to lose another 4 stone)then hopefully go back to WW again (well thats the plan) i would be so grateful if anyone could give me some tips and ideas please to help me along the way, i have never done this vlcd before so im really worried and a bit apprehensive, thank you and hope so speak to you all soon x
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Hey there - this is my second time on exante - i love it! I had to stop before because i lost my job, but im working again now and am right back on it :D good luck - remember why you started it, drink plenty of fizzy water and say positive - you only have to get through the first three days and youll be in ketosis and wont be hungry any longer :) xxx


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I am on day 12 and I would say day 4 was the worst - after that it got a lot easier! Drink lots of water I aim for 3-4 liters a day - I also find Dr Pepper zero gets me through as it feels like a treat. I did the first week on four packs and it really helped to ease me into the diet by the end of the first week I couldn't manage the 4th pack so now I am on 3. Good luck, I am sure as you see the weight falling off you will get into the swing of it ;)
aww thank you both i was getting worried id posted in the wrong section.. well so far today ive had a chocolate milkshake (wasnt as bas as i was expecting)which i was dying for as id not eaten anything this morning as i was waiting for my parcel, im sure the delivery driver wondered what i had in there the way i grabbed it off him lol and just now i finished off my fruit and nut bar(hmmm this might take a bit of getting used to)so now im trying to fill myself up with water until tonights shake again, i need to go shopping tonight for some coke zero as i only have pepsimax here and also some fizzy water as i hate drinking normal water, im feeling ok at the moment but i suppose its early days and because ive been following ww ive tried to cut out as many carbs as possible over the last few days, hope to catch up with everyone soon xx


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S: 16st8lb C: 12st13lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 3st9lb(21.98%)
Glad your parcel arrived in time to start today and lol at grabbing it from the delivery guy :D Sounds like you are doing well so far ;) I actually really like the toffee bars now (I didn't on day 1 lol) but I still don't like the choc/orange one although it is better if slightly warm - I found that out by having one in my pocket all afternoon while I was out shopping :D Hope the rest of the day is good for you too ;)
thanks katt i must admit my stomach is rumbling quite a bit but i really want to wait as long as possible til i have my last one, im so glad the driver didnt know what was in the box he might have thought i would eat him by the look on my face..lol i was just going to add a tracker but cant until i have posted 50 times, tomorrow is going to be a tough day as usually i would have a weekly treat when doing WW but ill get through it (i hope) must admit this site is really helping me get motivated, ive just been looking at all the before and after pics and was like WOW, i got my partner to take pics of me this morning but will not be posting for a while lol it was quite funny actually i was standing in front of him and he said move to the right a bit, i said why, he said so you will block out the tv, i said oh thanks for that lol its a 47 inch i think btw..lol he didnt mean anything by it he just said well you dont want "this morning" on in the background but as soon as he said it i think he wished he hadnt lol anyway nice to chat hope to hear from you soon xx


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S: 16st8lb C: 12st13lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 3st9lb(21.98%)
Hello again, lol men can say the wrong thing at times but I think he was probably being practical rather than mean - they speak and then think!

http://www.minimins.com/exante/226555-august-starters.html this is the link to a part of the forum where those of us who started in August chatter away - it really helps because we are all in the early stages so if you want to join us feel free - we are a bit daft though lol but it helps to not feel alone climbing the weight loss mountain!! I usually have my first shake around 1-2, my bar at 6-7 and the soup around 10 ish as I am a night eater but you will soon find what works best for you - and yeah the loud tummy is annoying!!!

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