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First day on CD today!!!


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Ditto - today is my first day as well...

Good luck to all newbies and restarters - like myself !!



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Hi Both good luck:) my advice is will power,water water water, parecetamol's and dont go near food, go to bed early after the 3rd day its easier Im now on day 8 done it last year for 13 weeks and restarting is always harder than your first time :D
so enjoy the plan
Nic x


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Hello to fellow newbies...
I am now on my 3rd day and I fell off the wagon the evening of my 2nd day. I had the most terrible headache, water, meds, sleep... nothing would take it away - i truly thought my head would burst! I also started my menstruation my 1st day of my CD SS - so very challenging as I already suffer badly the first few days there. I feel soooo bad and guilt ridden to had eaten something but today I am more determined than ever to follow it through.

My first weigh in will be on my 6th day - due to my consultant's availability, so I am not feeling too hopeful of a positive result. Could there still be a chance of having lost some weight - if I stay to the plan rigidly from the 3rd day (today) ??

A totally disappointed in myself newbie... I will NOT slip again... Any tips from other on how to cope with the headaches? I am drinking lots of water and feeling very focused.

Good luck everyone..
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I had headaches on Days 1 and 2 as well. I was very lucky though, as I was able to go and bury under my duvet as I was home all the time :( I don't have any advice as I am still a newbie myself, but I didn't want to read and run.

Headaches are really awful. I can deal with hunger pangs, even feeling tired and a bit weak, but headaches are really hard to ignore!

Good luck hun.

PS: yes, I have one advice. Whenever I feel like I'll give up, I come on here and read the success stories, the diaries, look at the pictures, etc. It helps me tremendously.
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I'm restarted again today too, I drink fizzy water with the CD berry flavouring, dont add much cos i dont like things too sweet or strong after doing this back in 2009.
normal water makes me feel very sick after few days, I can feel it slushing around inside me lol

Good luck everyone with your weight loss journeys

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I'm on day two at the moment. Yesterday was fine apart from the headache in the afternoon, and the fact that I had to go to the toilet about 25 times!! lol

Today is going okay too - I'm sitting here thinking this has been too easy, and that I'm going to hit a brick wall soon. Hopefully this is as bad as it gets!! :)

Best of luck everyone!


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Any advice? Redecorate youur toilet as you will be spending a lot of time in there, keep busy so your mind doesn't wander onto the foods you'd like to be eating and try and do the diet 100%, no cheating at all. That way you'll get straight in to ketosis and once you're there it's a walk in the park. It takes me about 6 days to get there so hang tight, you can do it.

I started on Friday. Three days down and so far so good. The water thing is easier than you think. Just make sure you always have a glass or bottle around. The shakes actually make my thirsty so that has helped. It the number of toilet breaks that is a problem and I spend a lot of time driving. Is possibly going to be difficult finding loos!!!

Good luck and here's to successful weight loss

Caz xxxx
Oh Caz me too I am a drugs rep n turn up everywhere with a sweat on ready to pee myself. When I first started the diet I got stuck in traffic, saw an old man weeding his garden n just left my car there whilst I asked him to let me in for a wee. I was so close to wetting myself it was untrue. The poor man said 'oh come on in I have cancer of the bladder so I understand ' I felt awful afterwards when he'd told me that. Xx

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Also started on Friday was feeling ok with shakes and soups then went to a friends last night for the boxing and was surrounded by kebabs and beers ? but felt so proud of myself when got home whilst they were stuffing the face with grease i had my soup
Day 3 today and feeling ok slight headache


Is a loser :)
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Day 11 for me and after the headaches, crossness I am now feeling quite good and contented, nice having a rest from food, not always easy and I think for me I have to keep busy or treat myself to some really nice coffee. When possible i've ducked the cooking for my family and my other half has done it or I've prepared and gone for a nap.
HAve a goal, I have 3 x 8 week ones each end of 8 weeks actually has something special at the end, a holiday, a special family party and then Xmas.....

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