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Attack first day on dukan


Just keep swimming...
Good for you : ) It's all a learning curve.

I take snacks of cooked chicken and ham into work with me, although as the office is mine (our business) I can control the food that enters it lol.
Well done for making it through the day without a nibble on the crisps.
Store loads of protein at work, an emergency stash like smoked mackerel or tins of tins (ring-pull kind) so that if you ever forget your lunch or are tempted by the crisps again you can quell those temptations. You didn't mention what yogurt you had this morning.

hi all it was the weight watchers lemon fat free 1, there really nice. filled up after work with an egg and lean ham omelette v nice and just got in from my last job just had some turkey bit boring so def need to read up some more on recipes and make up some sort of sauces/dips to go with the meat, other than so far so good but its v early days
Check the label of the fat free yogurt just to make sure there is no sugar in it. It's near impossible to find flavoured yogurts without either sugar and/ or fruit. You may have found some but check, just in case.


I'm on day 1 too. I'm really thirsty but have had so much water that I'm not sure I can fit any more in!! I've eaten today:

Breakfast - scrambled egg
Lunch - White fish with onion and garlic and plain cottage cheese
Snack - slice lean ham and handful of prawns
Dinner - steamed chicken with spices/herbs and cottage cheese and vanilla yogurt with oat bran for pudding.

I'm eating Yeo Valley fat free probiotic yogurt; is this an ok one to have? Also what sweetener do you recommend?

Instead of buying chocolate and cake I've treated myself to some nice new shampoo and shower gel. I'm going to bathe myself silly on this diet.

Looking forward to day 2!
hi just checked my yoghurt and yr right its not fat and sugar free will have to go hunting again lol its hard work, i dont kjnow about the yeo ones either sorry not much help.
im still feeling fine a bit bloated but thats prob from all the water ive drank lol going to try doing something with my oatbran tmrw should be fun
Fat free plain yogurts are best. They're widely available, all the big supermarkets sell their own. You can add flavour to them with sweetener and flavourings. Don't go mad on the flavourings, most have alcohol in them, some even have oil. It's much more exciting doing it this way anyway, I've found some pretty nice flavourings, like coconut, pear, caramel.

Deborandum: as long as the Yeo Valley yogurt is plain and fat free, you're fine. The flavoured Yeo Valley yogurts have sugar in them, I made that mistake when I started out.


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