First day :-)

Discussion in 'Exante - Total Solution 100%' started by suzy1473, 24 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. suzy1473

    suzy1473 Full Member

    Ok seriously need to get started so today is the day....breakfast is white choc bar x

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  3. Jeszee

    Jeszee Full Member

    Good luck!
    Today is my first day too!
  4. zar_star

    zar_star New Member

    Hi Ladies! It's my first day (again) too! Good luck :)
  5. Jeszee

    Jeszee Full Member

    You too :)
  6. suzy1473

    suzy1473 Full Member

    Yeah good luck...i am finding it hard already

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  7. Jeszee

    Jeszee Full Member

    How's everyone getting on?
    I have discovered it's very hard to make myself drink water when i'm not thirsty. I am managing just over 2 litres a day so far...
    I really REALLY hated the red berry bar...
  8. coffeemate

    coffeemate Full Member

    I'm not struggling with the water to be honest, I'm actually finding I'm quite thirsty. But then, I always had a cup of tea on the go. I find if I've always got a drink in front of me, I'll just gradually sip away at it and before I know it, I'm at about 1.5l by lunchtime.

    I've not tried any of the bars yet, just the shakes. What's your fav so far?
  9. Cici88

    Cici88 Member

    Day 2 for me today, a bit hungrier than I was yesterday but holding in there! :)
    On the water, I actually think I drank too much yesterday! I bring my Brita water bottle into work, and like you coffeemate, I find myself just sipping away at it all da and before you know it its almost 5 litres in your system! I know that if I didn't have the water bottle and had to go get a glass every time etc I doubt I would have managed that amount.
    How are you finding it? What have tried out food pack wise? Looking for some sort of miracle tip that makes the soups taste beautiful! Lol!

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