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    Hi guys, thought I'd introduce myself and share my motivations.

    Tonight I'm going to join Slimming World, it's my first diet ever.

    I'm 23 and used to be a train runner until I broke my ankle badly in 2011. Left with permanent damage and pins in my leg it means exercise is very difficult for me. I'm waiting on an operation to get them removed as I can't do stairs very well and have shortened my right calf muscle walking awkwardly since. The injury and repercussions are a major problem when I'm a complete foodie!

    At my smallest I was a 10 (gym 4 times a week) and now I'm approaching a 16. Movement feels more difficult and I feel sluggish and lethargic. No clothes seem to fit nicely (especially my leather shorts, I love them and want them back on my backside!). I have a new stretch mark, but and red and ugly up my stomach. I just want to feel nice and to like pictures of myself again, instead of this round face and double chin.

    My problems - wine and a super skinny can't-put-weight-on other half. We both love our wine and our cooking, which is why I chose Slimming World as making a meal from scratch is nothing new for us. I've been trying to educate Sam that he can't cook with butter when I'm eating it, and no a curry from Saffron Balti isn't healthy. The more he eats the thinner he gets! I'm 14 stone and he's about 9 wet through. We'll get there when he sees me happier losing weight. And the wine - oh dear the wine - I adore red wine. A glass or three a night hasn't been amiss in our lives and though it isn't good it's habit. We do try and keep it down. I know I can have one, or at a push two, a night on SW.

    So all in all I like wine, my partner doesn't understand the concept of weight loss as he's never had to worry about it. We're going to France in April and I want to fit into my leather shorts. I want to feel more sprightly. And be happy :)

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