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First meeting Fee


Is posting like mad!
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Hi guys,

I am meeting my CDC for the first time and she has said that she charges a £10 fee for the first meeting, I am just wondering if this is usual.

I don't mind paying but if I don't like her and I have to pay it out again to another CDC I will be gutted!

Thanks for any replies
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Hi - it was for me too, think its standard. Its a one off charge so after this you dont pay anything else for the weigh in etc. The first weeks payment makes you gulp as its about £70! Starter pack, first meet fee and then advance payment for the following weeks pack...but its worth it if its the start to a new you :) good luck
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Have to say mine didn't charge me...nor for petrol!And I didn't pay in advance.In fact mine felt guilty about me paying her for2 weeks when away...so I owe her...but I think she is a bit unusual...although I have refered quite a lot of people to her and I've had a lot to lose so I probably get a few benefits from that!


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I never paid a first meeting fee! Never had a started pack either... All I paid for was my weeks worth of packs..!
mine was 7 quid - quite normal i think
I didnt pay a fee either. Like Sarette, i just had to pay for my packs. You may have to pay a fee if your CDC is doing home visits to cover petrol etc. but this is the first time i have heard about a CDC asking for a first meeting fee.
I think someone needs to investigate this.

I am on my first week. No fee, just round to the councillors house, weighed measured and £50 (cause I am a 6ft4 bloke) for the weeks stock of powder :)

Whats the starter pack??? Or are you on about the leaflets and book?

Your clearly being ripped off.

If it was "policy" every councillor would be charging it.

Maybe someone with links to Cambridge could clarify the situation?
Really?? I had a starter box which was basically samples of everything available, all the flavours of shakes, the bars, soups and water flavours. I had to use the pre week reducing my carbs and replacing 2 meals a day with a CD pack, then have one meal from the yellow book, plus a piece of fruit. I paid £30 for that....I thought that was standard practice. Mind you, my CD is lovely, answers emails within a day, phone calls within the hour and has rang me each week half way through to see how i am doing.....either way I am still spending less than I used to so i guess thats what matters..?!
I didn't pay a joining fee - just paid for my shakes etc. What was in the starter pack ? Haven't heard of either joining fee or starter pack and don't see it mentioned in the Cambridge book or website !
So it was £30 for the starter box - which was enough for 7 days prep week, plus spares, £30 for the next weeks full 21 packs, plus £10 admin/first meeting fee....someone else tell me they paid this lol???
I didnt have the samples.

I picked what I wanted but my CDC said if there was anything I didnt like to give her a call and bring it back and she would exchange it.

Im also doing single source so powder only.

Still does that justify the additional cost? And is it standard practice? I would think not as the fee's decribed are varying and not published??
I'm doing ss too - so am only on powders/tetras. The bars were only small pieces cut up (a piece of each flavour) and were ONLY for the prep week...I think perhaps as costs are not published it means that they have the freedom to charge what they like??I didnt even question it... :(
i stated yesterday got my shakes n soups on fri, i even got 10% off for the first 4 weeks yippi no joining fee just paid for what i got £35 per week i did get the shake maker things for an extra £5 mind you

my cdc is lovly live 5 mins from my house :)
I also didnt pay an "advance fee" for the following weeks pack.. thats disgraceful and sounds like an attempt to "tie you in" to going back???

I rang up my area councillor from the CD website, she put me in touch with my local councillor.

Both said £50 per week on the week I am doing it.

So I see her every Thursday and pay for the coming weeks packs on that day.
yea i pay week by week


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I never paid for anything other than my weeks supply of shakes from day 1.
Sadly, the same as anything in life, there are some excellent CDC's around ...... and there are others that are the flip side..... money grabbing and seeing being a councillor as simply a means of getting money.
I know of a CDC that charges £5 for one (yes ONE) ketostix and insists that everyone buys one for the first few weeks.
As cambridge dont have standard charges it does leave a space for corruption and unfair charges.
Im just glad they seem to be a minority and most (smiling at all the minimins CDC's) are excellent, respectful and ultimately trustworthy councillors. :)
i stated yesterday got my shakes n soups on fri, i even got 10% off for the first 4 weeks yippi no joining fee just paid for what i got £35 per week i did get the shake maker things for an extra £5 mind you

my cdc is lovly live 5 mins from my house :)
I got the shaker in with my pack. Maybe my CD has had a bad experience so gets people to pay up front?It just means the last week I go I pay nothing for the following weeks packs. And I guess it means I am less likely to not go back! It would be better to have published guidelines tho so you know what to expect and so that all CD's have to follow the same rules...


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I'm sure a CDC or will be along to answer but remember...CDC's can charge (within reason) what they want.....they are running a business which includes their time.

I paid (from what I remember:rolleyes:...feels like a lifetime ago!) £10 fee for my first meeting and after that for 4 products £48 per week. In fact my 1st week was about £65ish as I had water flavouring.

Now down to £30-£35 as I am on 790 so 3 products a week.

As of next week it will drop again as I move to 1000 plan (yeah me!!!:D)


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