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First meeting tonight, I'm so scared

OMG what have I let myself in for? In 2 hours time I will be at my 1st SW meeting and am so scared/nervous/excited. I have no idea what to expect, is it like WW (did that years ago)? :cry:

Was anyone else feeling like this on their first visit? I've weighed myself already so I'm not too much in shock when I get there but still can't get rid of the butterflies. Luckily I have a slimming buddy;) to help me through it all and to spur me on when I'm having a bad day, just hope the OH is as supportive, tough luck as he's gonna be eating healthy as well :D

Any tips on useful motivation techniques or do's and don'ts? Please help :thankyou:
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Want to do it this time!!
OMG! :eek: I felt the same way on Monday when I went to my first meeting but as soon as I met my consultant, I wondered why I had been so worried!!
Everyone at the meeting was so great and really friendly! I felt at home and I got to understand SW better.
Don't be nervous, (SMILE :D) you'll have a great time.
Scouzer. X:)
Just relax, I've been to two different SW groups one in Plymouth and one in Worcestershire and the people are always really friendly and helpful. There's really nothing to be nervous about.

As for tips my biggest one would be to make sure you go to every weigh in, even if you think you haven't lost, otherwise you're more likely to stray from the plan because 'no-one will know'. Another tip would be to stay for the image therapy as it does really help. People who I tell about it laugh and say it sounds really cheesy, and it does, but it does really help if you're having a hard time and needs tips and advice! It's also great to stay to celebrate your successes with everyone aswell and to offer support to others!

So take a deep breath and enjoy, before you know it you'll be sat at the front of the class offering advice to new mwmbers just like you!
TY, feeling a little less anxious now :eek:. I'm going to take photo's to show the changes, mainly as a reminder for me and to send home to my family to show them how I'm doing, or maybe I should just surprise them when I go home next. :D

Do you think that having an item of clothing that you want to wear again is of any help? I have a pair of Jasper Conran jeans that I brought before moving to Germany in 2004 that I absolutely adore and haven't been able to part with and was thinking of putting them somewhere I can see them every day.:D


Mad old Bat with Attitude
You'll be fine! By the time you've weighed in all your nerves will have gone!
Yes! Keep them! I got into a pair of jeans this morning that I bought to "slim into" 12 years ago! I've been smiling all day :D
Good idea about the jeans! I love getting back into "old" clothes.

Don't worry about your class, it will be fine. Give yourself time to settle in, you might not make tons of buddies right away but eventually you'll be part of the gang. :D
You'll be fine! By the time you've weighed in all your nerves will have gone!
Yes! Keep them! I got into a pair of jeans this morning that I bought to "slim into" 12 years ago! I've been smiling all day :D
Really Judi? I must have been about 10 when you bought those! :D ;)

Well done!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Cant agree more with the others Hun! You are all there to support each other along on your journey...no one is judgmental, no one critisises you...just go with the flow and you will soon realise that there wasnt anything to worry about after all!
As for the motivation...do you have a function coming up? If do, think about how good you will look in a new frock, or as others have suggested....wearing something that you havent for years. I just got into a pair of trousers that have never fitted me, I've had them for at least 6 years! Lol
Hi ya, I went to my first meeting last week and was fairly nervous before I went. I needn't have been, they were all friendly and chatty and involving me. I am now feeling nervous about my first weigh in tomorrow! I have stuck to the plan strictly but I'm amazed at how much you can eat :) I feel like my clothes are feeling looser but can't actually believe I have lost anything after eating all week ! :confused:

Anyway my weigh in is first thing tomorrow morning and the proof will be in the pudding (as they say)! ;)

Wish me luck x
Hi, I joined last night, and was incredibly nervous, as I'm extremely people shy. I was even shaking on the way in lol, but once your in and you've met your lovely consultant and are settled, you will enjoy it.
Hope all goes well x :)
Wasn't so bad

Thanks guys, went well or as well as it could if you know what I mean:p

Now going through all the books and trying to work things out ready for tomorrow. God I'm confused already but can't wait to get started tomorrow, just got to decide what day to start with.

Maybe a couple of functions at Christmas but not sure on dress code yet but looking forward to finding a new outfit:D, not sure the hubby will be happy with it though as it'll be his bank that it's coming out of. Will defo be keeping "those" jeans to hand. I'm hoping to get back to work a week on Monday and have brought a couple of jumper dresses to wear but I'm hoping they may be that little bit baggier by the time I get back to work:girlpower:.
Judi, congrats on getting into those jeans, are you going to keep going? I've got some way to go to get into "those" jeans but I'm gonna work my butt off to wear them again.

Atchonblimp, Misscookie and Scouze, good luck. We can all work together to get into "that" item and to reach goal. xxxxxx :grouphugg:
Right I'm on day 2 now, yesterday was an emotional day:cry:, learning what I could eat on a red day and what to avoid:banghead:. Was all ready to give up last night, even went to :4635: bloody thinking of food ie what has what syns, what can and cant be put together ready for today. :mad:

Got up this morning and decided "Right, I bloody need to do this, can't give in already and I will bloody do it":D. So out came the Kelloggs Special K and off I went. Got stuck thinking about lunch but made a yummy omeltte with cheesybeans and couldn't eat it all :p.

Quite chuffed with myself for sticking to it, even it if it is only day 2 so far but I'm now thinking it's not gonna be so bad after all and with the support of family and friends I'm going to slim again:girlpower:

Did anyone else feel like quitting after their first day?
Hiya pinktiger!

One thing I'd say is to take your measurements - NOW! I've seen many people who wish they had, and by then it's too late! Some weeks you might find that you stay the same with your weight, but have lost inches - it makes those weeks easier to take, and I find the change in measurements is really motivating (and will help get you back into those jeans)...

I was quite excited about it all when I first started, but if you're finding it hard to think of what to put with what, have you thought about trying Extra Easy for the beginning part (at least)? Everything goes with everything that way, and I found it easier.

Just a thought...
The consultant said to stick to O and G days for the first few weeks so not really paid much attention to EE, might read that later. Am feeling alot better today about it all, I was dead excited on Tuesday, attack of the nerves on Weds, wanting to quit Thurs:cry: and now Fri it is full steam ahead.:D

I took my measurements as I'm hoping to get back to the gym soon so I know I'll gain muscle weight :eek: once I get in to it. I normally go off size more as well as I love it when your clothes start getting too big that not even a belt will help keep those jeans up (I have a pair like that already). Oh the joys of shopping coming up :p
Hmm - weird! Our consultant lets people do whatever suits them best whenever they like - probably half our group started on EE and have never looked to O/G days. It's surprising how different groups and consultants can be... Seriously though, if you're finding it hard doing O/G, EE works just as well for most people and it might be an easier way to lose weight in the first few weeks to get your confidence up and motivation going!

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