First Meeting!


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Hi guys,
I have my first meetig in a few days and I was wondering what to expect. For example do I pay for a combination of flavours of shakes etc or do i have to buy boxes of 21? How much does it all cost? How long will the meeting last? If you think of anythng else let me know!
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I used to be on CD. The first time I got a bit of everything so I could try all the flavours.

All CDCs are different so hard to tell how long you will be there. Not sure of current price either.

Good luck

Irene xx


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Hi Cardiff Girl, Well done on choosing Camdridge. As irene says things seem to be different in each area. My CDC does individual home visits with no group meetings. You order a week at a time from a menu list for the first 2 weeks its just porridge, soup or shakes in a variety of flavours 21 for 37.50. After the first two weeks you can add bars, water flavourings, mix a mousse and ready made shakes. These are all extra money, you dont have to but it gives you more variety. I am on week 3 so I have those to look forward to when i see him onTuesday. Initially I ordered a variety so I would find out which I liked and which I didnt. Hope that helps. |Sam


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Thanks it did help, its put my mind at rest


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My first meeting with my CDC was for about 45 minutes - she chatted through the plans and explained Sole Source where you have nothing but 3 packs a day plus about 3 litres of water and tea/coff.

You can buy your choice of individual flavours and there are so many to choose from you may want to just try one of each. You can also have Tetra packs (small ready mixed cartons) in Banana, chocolate or strawberry - my fav is choc.

As Sam said - once you are in week 3 you can add in bars etc. My fav bars are choc orange.

Mine costs me £39 a week for 21 packs - if you are over 5 foot 7 they say 28 packs a week. For that she includes 7 tetras but if you want more rather than packet shakes you can exchange they but pay an extra 50p per tetra (useful if you are away from home)
I know some councellors charge per item with tetras and bars being slightly more expensive that packet mixes.

Good luck - let us know how you get on
You all seem to be paying more than me, the indervidual price is £1.70, so for 21 for the week i pay £35.70, although the bars are more expensive, think they cost me £1.95 each. My CD spent around 45 min discusing the plan and what you can and can't have, and filling in the paperwork, she then weighed me and took my measurments. The choice of flavours should be up to you, chose a wide range so you can sample them all, some are nicer than others. My CDC is really good, she txt me every day in first week to see how i was coping and even now in week three she still txt me every few days.


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Hi, got my first pack on monday, cost me about £35, but then bought some extra cartons (just in case i hated the spicy tom soup) so then i paid extra for them, got a mixed lot to try them all.