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First Negative Comment- Some People!!!!


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Oh well I guess it had to happen sooner or later!!
I had my first negative comment today, or rather my first lecture about being too thin and not losing anymore weight because "at my age" it wouldn't look nice!!!

As I am only just into a size 12 just under 5'5'' (and only in my 40's so hardly ancient and she is older than me!!!!)I hardly think I'm scrawny just yet and I did find it funny - but honestly dont some people make you laugh! Where do they get off giving you a hard time ?? Can only think putting others down is her way of making herself feel better!!!!!
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Haha - that would be good BL but I think I shut her up!! I told her I was doing this for myself and not to please anyone else, and that I felt great so really wasnt worried about anyone else's opinions!
Probably not entirely true but she is known for being a bit of a ***** in the office and her opinion is probably the last one that I would take notice of!
Why are people so funny though? Is it insecurity? She lost weight a while ago and is thinner than i am and older so hello??POT KETTLE BLACK??
oh take no notice of the silly moo!
- or set BL onto her, lol
daisy x


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Scrawny??!!?? My arse! You're looking fantastic!

Join in the Fun, 40's and Fabulocious Club!!!!



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I know!! BL would spit her into pieces!!

I dont know why people do it really - one of my mates at work who is always talking about going on a diet but never does, and is really quite big has hardly mentioned my diminishing size for the whole time I've been doing it, and has said that i have lost enough and should stop, but I know that she would like to lose weight but is not committed enough. Although she hasnt said anything complimentary at all and is super quick to say stop I can kind of understand because I know i used to be a little bit jealous if people around me lost weight and I was struggling (or getting bigger), but not sure why this woman is like it when she is smaller than me still??
My BMI is 24 so I'm still far from waif-like!!:8855:


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Thank you Foxtrot - I do feel really good!! I even got a random comment of some guy at work yesterday that I dont really know. He said I was looking good and "vital". I liked that a lot! Dont think anyone has said that before!!! :D:D
Mind you I have been walking round lately grinning like a loon!!!


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The sad thing is...most of these people are doing it JUST to make themselves feel better.

My negative-lady at work is notorious for sticking her oar in, and whether its ignorance, jealousy or low self esteem I'm learning quite frankly not to give two tosses about what certain people think.

Tell her to stick it!!


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:D:D:D Looks like we have a sub club then. :D

And Em you are right. They are at the bottom of the heap and are trying to crawl their way up by sticking their nails into those who want to help themselves. Not worth the air they breath, some of them.
can i join the FFF club too please!!!

daisy x
Hey everyone we need to set up this club then FFF's!! (actually i should have used the 3 F's on the woman from work!! :rotflmao:)

Thanks everyone for the kind remarks - I didnt really take her comment to heart because I know what she's like but I have been on such a high the past few weeks because of my weight loss, getting into size 12's, getting over the holiday and coping with eating while away etc etc and it just seemed to make my mood spiral downwards!! So it did affect me :sigh:

I wonder if these people mean to be so unkind -I know I have felt envious of others achieving weight loss in the past but I really hope I've never been hurtful to anyone!
Too old

I can't join the FFFing club because I'm 54. :(


Is back in the saddle!
45 was that????
Mwah Mwahx x darlink

Thank you. Maybe I can be an honorary member. 1 OF MY CATS IS just walking onmy keyboaerd.

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