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First pregnancy and a massive worrier!


Back to reality!
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I have just found out that I am 5 weeks preganant after 4 months of trying and having PCOS.

Although we were trying I wasn't expecting much to happen after a year of trying with an ex and nothing happening. After getting thrush and reading the medicine leaflet it mentioned to not take if you were pregnant. My bf said I should take a test and it was positive!

The line was quite faint but I took it in the evening so wasn't expecting it to be that bright. I took another in the morning and it was a bit darker. I went to the doctors but they won't test you there anymore and just take your word for it!

I took a digital test yesterday and it came up as 1-2 weeks since conception, however it should be 3 weeks. I know when I conceived because it was the first time I have ovulated in a while (and it happened to be my bf's birthday lucky him!) My periods are all over the place and I ovulated 17 days after my period so I know this can sometimes affect things.

That with having a faint line worried me and after googling it seems that low hcg levels don't seem too promising! I have morning sickness, sore boobs and a streching feeling so something has happened/is happening but I am such a worrier! My partner said rightly that either way there is nothing that me or anyone can do, but has anyone experience of low hcg levels? I am not sure whether to mention it to the doctor?


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I had really faint lines for about a week... Was due to go in to hospital for an appt but even then doctor was useless! I didn't get a strong line til I was 5 weeks and that was using clear blue which put me at 2-3 weeks since conception. Sounds like you def are pregnant so congratulations! I ended up having an early scan at 5-6 weeks which was inconclusive...then another at 8 which dated me 6 weeks. By my 12 week scan I was spot on!

Get midwife number from doc and aim to book in by 8 weeks...according to date of your last period. You'll get proper dates from a scan ?

Any other questions feel free to ask x


Back to reality!
S: 85kg C: 80kg G: 60kg BMI: 30.9 Loss: 5kg(5.87%)
Thanks for your reply! Gives me a bit of hope. My symptoms are all over the place so the doctor took my first set of bloods yesterday to check my hcg and then have another blood test Friday. They should have doubled between tests so fingers crossed!


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I'm 5 weeks 1 day and besides being tired and *****y I have no other symptoms. Then again I had none with DS and he's now 7! With DD I had morning sickness before my BFP. With DD and DS I only took 1 test and that was enough for me so never saw the line progress. This time I'm checking all the time as I have so many internet cheapies around!

I hope your line progresses Zena and that you'll get a scan soon to date your pregnancy.


Back to reality!
S: 85kg C: 80kg G: 60kg BMI: 30.9 Loss: 5kg(5.87%)
So my levels doubled which is great news although slightly lower than they should be for how far a long I should be. However my periods are all over the place and they insist on going on that rather than the date of conception which I know! Symptoms have fully kicked in and I wished I enjoyed those days when they weren't too bad! Have constant morning sickness and feeling a bit run down! Although so worth it.

It still doesn't feel real but I hope once I've had a scan it will be! Midwife on Friday which I am looking forward too! Hope everyone else is doing ok!

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