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First slim night out since the year 2000!!!!

Well, as title really!! My hen night in October 2000 I went out as a size 14.

I did actually go out in November last year but had only just started LL. Apart from that, the last night out I had was before I got pregnant, but can't actually remember when but we are talking at least two years' ago! :eek: How the HELL did that happen??!!

Anyway, I'll take pics before I go out and put them on later of my lovely new skinny size 10 jeans in case anyone is interested! :)

Finally, if I don't get a sniff of male attention tonight, I'll have something to say about it! :copon: LOL!! Yes, I know I'm married with four kids, but a bit of flirting hurt no-one!! Haa!! I'll put it down as a scientific experiment - it was probably always my attitude and the negative vibes I gave off because I felt awful fat and so self-conscious, but I was always the friend in the corner no man really bothered with, while my mates flirted for England!
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I Can Do This!
OOh Poppy how exciting!! Way to go! I have three kids and I very rarely have a night out. Enjoy the flirting!

Yes to the piccies! You look fab now. Is OH worried?


I Can Do This!
I originally typed NEVER had a night out - I guess this is one of those crooked thoughts, but I captured it and corrected. I certainly don't go out often but I can remember one night out last year.

The TA/CBT must be sinking in!;)
I hope you're going to be really self indulgent and spend the afternoon getting ready? Have a fabulous time. I'm pretty my 100% sure you'll be attracting male attention young lady!
Enjoy and don't forget to put up pics too! xxx
hi there poppy
i will be surprised if you don't get any attenetion, you look fab - i love your new pic.

i'm off out with the girls tonight too - have just got back from next with a new pair of high heels, not sure i'm going to be able to walk in them tho so going to have a try out in a mo!

have a fab night
daisy x

There we go girls - it's a bit blurry unfortunately, I'll have to teach Mike some photography skills!

Well, I had a good time, even though I wasn't drinking or eating! One other girl was also doing LL from work, so we just shared a bottle of mineral water and had a coffee and drank sparkling mineral water for the rest of the night. I managed to stay out from 3.00pm until we left to get the train home at 10.00pm.

Funny, but I didn't get the sore feet that I usually get, and I was absolutely freezing all night!! I'd usually be sweating buckets and want to burn my shoes!

I think that if I'd have invited any of the drunken prats in I might have been chatted up a little, but I still gave off, don't approach me, not interested' vibes, because there is nothing worse than a drunken man groping you - one tried but stunk so much of beer that it made me sick, and he started dancing with me and stroking me, so I just shot him my look and he soon moved on! Men are such prats and I have to say that I'm so glad I'm not single looking for love!!

I was really looking forward to getting home and having my milkshake and black coffee, oh, and getting warm!! I think I'm turning old......
Daisy, did you have a good night, and what were the shoes like? Oooh, I love shoes but that was one thing that astonished me tonight, the height of the shoes that some people were managing to walk around in!! I'd need my feet anaesthetising!!!!

Congratulations - FAB, Great shoes too.
Poppy - showing off because you can spell the A word !!! Only joking and I know it's work related, but so many people can't!


I've just read what you said before you went out about men, flirting etc. etc.
Isn't it funny how we look forward so much to going out and when we do it is such a let down we can't understand why we wanted to go?But you must have felt good, you are looking super and I love the skinny jeans.
And I so agree that when you are sober and others, especially men in groups, are drunk, you can't wait to get home to LL hot chocolate sachet - and I'm much older than you!!
I am also glad that I am not out there looking for love.
Have a nice day. Have you started your new job yet?
love the whole matching shoes/bag/bracelet combo! You look sensational. Glad you had a good night out. I hope you felt great about yourself and that you've warmed up!
whooot woooooo <----that was a wolf whistle! :D

You looked great in your night out outfit! Love the blue accessories. You look really lovely.

I'm glad you had a good time. And the whole shoe thing will get more and more amazing as you go. I hadn;t worn heels for about 20 years. I can now run uphill on the streets of Brighton in 4 inch heels to catch the train - its become a game. Its probably why my body hurts!! LOL BUt it feels so amazing not only to wear high heels to and from work, at work all day, and to actually be able to run!! So I keep doing it. hehe Think I may need to stop though and settle for a fast pace walk and get the next train. THere is just something really satisfying about jumping on the train just as the doors close for the final time - makes me feel like a champion!! HAHA I usually catch my breath by the next station or two. :giggle:

ANyway, I digress - you looked wonderful lady. WELL DONE.



Is back in the saddle!
Awwww, you look so purdy!!! Glad you had the night out, shame about the blokes!!!
hi poppy
glad you had a good night out. you looked fab!

mine was good too - tho by 11 i was ready for my cranberry bar and bed!
i did apologise to the group for being a kill-joy, but i was tired and my lovely new shoes were beginning to hurt me (but i had been dancing for a while)
i can't wait for the first time i can go out and have a drink....
daisy x
Ooo you looked amazing hun :) love love love the shoes :) xXx

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