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First time lipotrimmer!

Am just going to the pharmacists now,

what can i expect from my first visit?

Am I likely to get my supplies today?

Am a bi nervous, am 13 stone 5lbs and want to be at most 10 stone.

my SIL is getting married feb 24th so i'd like to loose a good chunk by then as i'd feel crap going the weight I am now!

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You'll have to watch an information DVD first, that tells you all about the diet and how it works. When you return it to the pharmacist you will get your shakes. It's tough at first but very doable. You could easily lose two stone by 24/2 if you stay 100%. Plenty of water seems to be the trick. Good luck :)


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Welcome! I started 6 weeks ago at 13'8 and was down to 12'0 in 4 weeks
Have put 4lb on over xmas but starting back on Monday to get down to 10 stone hopefully by about your SILs wedding lol
Best of luck

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could i watch the dvd today and go get the stuff later? :p

Really keen to get started :D

I'll ask :D

I got the sachets, am starting Sunday :)


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good luck I started 3 days ago and it is not as hard as I thought it would be. Second day was a bit rough but woke up today refreshed and feel great and I had a sneak peek on scales and its showing a 7lb loss!!! So go for it


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Good luck and take it one day at a time.
It is hard but so worth it.
Just think 'water, water, water' for the first 3 days, to beat the hunger and headaches, and once you hit day 5 you should not want anything other than your shakes and drinks.
Stay on here for help and support, and to let us all know how well it's going.
x x x


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Good luck on your journeys girls!!1 :)


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Good luck, keep to it 100%TFR and you will look fab at your sil wedding :D


I too am hoping to start today!

I went to the pharmacist on the Lipotrim website that is nearest to me on Friday - and they had never heard of it! So the kind pharmacist phoned around for me and discovered the actual place!

After a brief phone conversation, i have an appointment for 4pm today to watch the DVD and hopefully get all my sachets! Very eager to start!

Fingers crossed tomorrow sees the start of my road to slim me! Good luck to you all too! This site has really motivated me!


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Hey everyone - i have been looking at this website for a few days and have now decided to join - I am on day three. not felt ill or tired or headaches as of yet however my husband has been home with me for the last two days this is the first day on my own in the house. Its not that i want food just the taste if that makes sense. As for excerise i have pulled out my old pedo and am trying to at least do the number of steps calculated. So please occupy me through my day and in return i will help in any way i can xxx


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Great to see newbies here on Lipotrim. If you are not starting until Sunday I would recommend that you don't over indulge between now and then but be sensible and cut out some carbs before then as I think it will help with the headache scenario's. And of course, don't forget the tanker of water to drink each day, it really helps with weight loss.


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Welcome to the site forme =D I know I get evil food thoughts the first few days when I'm on my own, I tend to 'sneak eat' when I am on normal diets, but with the weekly weigh in and the amount of money it costs this diet seems to stop me doing it =D
I have taken up stepping and hand weights on the Wii to occupy myself, it works a treat, but make sure you drink half a litre extra water for every 30 mins of exercise you do otherwise it may affect your weight losses =D xxx


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brochor - totally understand what you mean about sneak eating - thing is if i dont do it right this time im never going to do it - and good point about the money side of things and the dissapointment of a bad weigh in - plus i just looked at the stats i put in and even when i have lost 20% of my weight i still have a BMI of 30!!! maybe i need to rethink my goal - arghhhh - oh dear .... biggest goal getting rid of double vile chin lol ! yes trying to drink lots of water ! but will up it with excerise thank you so much ... cant believe how much you have lost in a few weeks previously


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You're a similar start weight and height to me, and to be just in the healthy BMI range I will need to be 9stone 8lbs but my goal is 9stone 2lbs =D to be honest if you feel good at your goal weight, then don't listen to BMI, Im going to see how I feel at 10 stone, then go down until I'm happy, if that is at ten stone I will stop, if it's at 9stone 2 then so be it =D
Ah yes, my old nemesis...the double chin!! Mine has finally gone, Good tip, even though it makes you look silly at the time, when you are on your own do neck exercises, like tilting your head back and then putting your bottom lip over your top lip, you should feel it working =D
Aww thankyou about the weight loss comment, I was in the gym an awful lot on the weeks I lost 6 and 7 lbs though, 4 times a week I think!
You can do it hun, just think of all the reasons you're doing this, all the things you hate right now and how much better your life will be once those things have changed =D and if you're struggling me and everyone on here are always on hand to give support xxx


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Your so lovely - i just see 9 stone odd being a bit impossible at the moment .... you have definately given me a boost so a HUGE thank you x


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Aww thats such a nice thing to say! Im glad to help I know how hard it is at first =D
When I started I was 203lbs, and saying that I wanted to get down to 9st 2lbs seemed impossible to me too, but In my first week I was past 14 stone, then past 13 stone, and (according to my Wii) now I have hit 12 stone! It goes so fast andI still walk past mirrors and windows sometimes and forget that I'm not that fat anymore, It's a proper shock lol =P That will be you soon!! xxx