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First Time Trying on Wedding Dresses


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Whew! Didnt know what to call the thread!

So, I went to a Wedding Dress shop on sat. Was alloud to try on 10 dresses and had an hour and a half. That was a bit crap though as i felt i had to rush everything and didnt keep on the dresses for as long as i would have wanted...

So I was just picking out dresses and not thinking about the sizes really. Before starting lipo there is no way i could have done that before!!!! Most of the dresses fitted which i was sooo happy about! There was one that i couldnt get up over my hips... but that was a size 8 so not a big issue!!!!

They all looked really nice on, i was trying ones with corset waists. They got them nice and tight and they looked amazing. It even made me feel like i didnt have to do this diet anymore! But i will, cos i know that my waist only looked that tiny cos of the corset!!! There was two that i really liked, but i plan on going to try on a lot more dresses at different dress places before i make up my mind :)
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Oh thats great....being able to go into a shop and try on what you want without having to worry "will anything fit" has to be the best thing about his diet.


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Oh lizzie, how great! I was dying to hear how it went! You must have felt great being able to just look at teh syles and take them off the rail insteasd of trying on what you thought would fit! I would totally recommend looking round a bit more believe me, its so true YOU WILL KNOW when you find THE ONE! Am smiling to myself that you felt you did not need to carry on with the diet as I felt the same way after trying on mine on Fri! It was far too big and I felt great. Hence my slip up over weekend (again!) someone please slap me know!! Dont worry tho, like you am deffo not stopping, I still have a long way to go. I have 6 weeks til I go back for the real fitting so I know I have to go hell for leather and get down as much as poss! In answer to your question on my thread - did I go for corset style? Nope I never, am not keen on any tiers hanging out and I prefer the zip and I have the zip over lapped with small cystal buttons. The dress maker held it all in place and I did say I wanted it to feel as tight as a corset! So I'll be getting her to take it right in! LOL!!

Did your bridesmaid try any on or are they waiting til you choose your dress? Bet you cant wait to go back again!


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Hey, Well I did actually stop the diet since the end of last week. I felt i needed a break, cos i didnt know why i was doing it anymore as I felt slim! Well i have restarted today, i have a bit more determination now so will hopefully keep going to the end! I have set myself a goal to lose another stone at the moment, then see what i feel like from there! Also, i am bored of having to prepare meals, so will be nice to have a break from planning healthy meals! Will need to get used to it thought for when i do go on maintanence properly!!

My bridesmaids did try on some dresses. They were looking fab! They are both really small and the dress shop helpers had to pin them up in all the dresses they tried on!! I didnt have that luxury! But i;m not bitter! I looked amazing in all the wedding dresses :) Its even made me appriecate my huge boobs, cos they actually looked good in the dresses :) A nice hourglass figure:)

Luckily my friends didnt tell me to stop the diet and said i could lose another stone :) So this has helped with my restart! Most of the dresses that i tried on were a size 14 so it would be nice to get down to a 12 for the next shop i go to.

What size are you at the moment?


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Fantastic lizzie, sounds fab that you are a wedding dress size 14 as remember they are made even smaller than normal shop sizes, absolutely thrilled for ya.

I didnt really want to buy clothes until I was at target but I have had to buy a few bits and pieces to keep me ticking over or I would have been in danger of being done for flashin! So I have been buying size 14's as well - aiming for comfy 12 over all tho. My mum had me trying on some of her size 12 jeans yest and they went up but by god they were skin tight!!! So I hope with my next stone off they will be fitting better!

I too am aiming for 11 stone but thinking I should try hard to get down to 10 and half stone! I will see how am looking at 11 tho, as like you am feeling slim! I really dont want to fall into that trap tho, as am only feelin slim compared to what I was, am not REALLY slim to normal sized girls! Get me?

Did you behave on your week off? I never this weekend, but like you its made me want to try harder and seems to have boosted my determination again, I honestly feel really crappy today and slugish. Am glugging the water down as I type and am looking forward to my flab jack after my lunch time walk.


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S: 12st10lb C: 12st2lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 25.8 Loss: 0st8lb(4.49%)
Hey, I know what you mean by "slim for me" compared with slim on others!! Thats exactly the same as me. I havent been this small since my teens, but i would not be regarded as slim by others! So i want to get down to slimish... but still curvy... dont want to be skinny!

Yes I was naughty in the week. I had a kebab with loads of chillie!! Stupid as my tummy is quite delicate!

I havent been buying many clothes items, I have a wordrobe full of jeans that really dont fit me anymore (too big!) so i should get rid of them! Am ok with tops at the moment as most still fit, there was a lot in my cupboard that were too tight for me but i didnt have the heart to get rid of them, so they have been really handy!!! So far i think i have got away with only buying 2 pairs of jeans so far!! One of which is getting a bit loose! The other are a 12 that i'm not comfortable wearing yet!! Oh! And i have this really nice high waisted pencil skirt that i bought when i was a size 16, I wanted to wear it a few weeks ago but it was far too loose... so i just did my own alterations on it! (cover the handy work with a belt) so now fits ok!! Nice and frugle of me!! :)
I'm another bride and it's been great reading your adventures of wedding dresses! I bought my dress in November and although they wanted me to buy an 18, I bought a 16. Just last week, my waist measurement can finally fit the dress. Not the boobs though as I have to lose 3 inches. 20lbs down and nothing off my boobs - typical! I'm getting married in Canada at the end of May and I'll only be seeing my dress the week before so I'm a bit nervous about it all.

I too had a bad week last week and cheated with dinners almost everyday. I realised that by losing 20lbs I no longer look 'fat' instead I'm just overweight. With all the compliments I'd been getting, I lost my discipline and focus. I think my brain had somehow thought I'd finished the journey but really I'm only 1/3 of the way there. Now back on in full - day two - and desperate to get as much off for the 1st May. I'm hoping that will just put me in the 11 stone region.

I've gone for a corset dress - maggie sottero - anastasia. It's quite simple but very pretty. I now look at it daily for motivation. I'm also trying to book a sunshine honeymoon which means a bikini could be good incentive too!

Good luck with getting the next stone off!


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Aww really pleased for you Lizzie! i wondered where you had got to now i know you were munching on kebabs!!! lol Glad you had a good wedding dress shopping day hun im sure you looked great xx


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lol Tracy!! I was busy too:) He he!!

Oh and Skramskram...... Maggie Sottero......eeeek..... I LOVE LOVE her dresses!! Most of the dresses I tried on on sat were Maggie Sottero! I adore the Monalisa, but if i want to try it on i need to order it in!! She is the designer that i have decided i wanted to buy from :)

Anastasia is beautiful, i am sure you will look lovely in it. What colour did you go for?
Hi Lizzie,

Well I had the luck of finding the dress in two shops (both in BC, Canada). One had it in Diamond White and I tried that on first and thought I love this dress but not 100% convinced. I then went to the other store and they had it in light gold underlay and diamond white overlay. Fell in love with it 150%. The colours just blended really well with my colouring and it was such a difference. I've got med-Brown hair, blue eyes and a pale-ish complexion. It just added a softness that none of the other dresses offer. I also got a veil in almond colour which matches light gold which is a great contrast to the lace overlay.

If you like Maggie also look at Sophia Tolli who used to be lead designer at Maggie but now gone out on her own.

I love all this and my collarbones are now present which makes me excited for a strapless. Just need to get working on those arms!


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OMG!! I got married 20 years ago,and they never looked like that! I just had to look when I viewed your thread. So now I either have to ditch OH pretty smartish, or find a chap to marry off my daughter! I cant wait to go dress hunting with her! Trouble is she's only a size 6 so nothing in the stores will fit her.

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