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first week confusion HELP

Hi all

i need some help please, i went to the pharmacy on mon and got my shakes strawberry and vanilla, only to find out from a friend that u can get soup, now from reading on here i see u can get different soups and hot choc, when can u have this hot choc as i thought u were only allowed 3 a day, i was told nothing at the pharmacy.....also told can only have hermessetes sweetner....... all advice gratefully received
thanx tam x:eek:
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Hi Hun,
Soup is chicken only (some peeps don't like it, I do)
The chocolate is one of the shakes, you can have it hot with sweeteners in (I love that, esp with some Fibreclear in it, makes it thicker and more filling) xxxx


Here we go again!
If it's Lipotrim you are doing you have 3 shakes a day. There is chocolate, vanilla and strawberry shakes and chicken soup. You have 3 of these a day and 2 litres of water at least. Most people have a little more than this. You can also have black coffee and tea, (any leaf teas are allowed) and you can also have sweeteners in your shakes, coffee or tea as long as they are tablet form. You should have got a lot of advice from your pharmacist or from the DVD.

Some pharmacists are better than others though!

Good luck and stick to it and the results are great!
the chicken soup is yuk! so dont get too excited about it.. theres also flap jacks that u can get from week 2 onwards .. i wouldnt like to get ur hopes up on these either cos they taste like cardboard... but they make you thin.. so yay!
think its been cleared up there

but i dislike the soup a huge amount lol
thank u all so much, just to be clear i am on the lipotrim, so the choc is the choc shake and i can have this hot??? split into 2 as one of my 3 a day, am i right x
If you put dried chilli flakes and garlic granules (not garlic salt) and black pepper in the soup, it's really nice.
NEVER try to do soup or hot choc in the shaker!! It'll explode!
Buy a stick blender from Asda or Sainsburys (about a fiver) and do it with hot water in the shaker body.
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you only have four if ur a man i think.. :)
so u should have 3 per day
soup - add hot water
choc - add hot or cold water
strawberry - add cold water
vanilla - add cold water or hot with coffee

on week 2 you can have the option of a flap jack so 2 shakes and 1 flap jack making 3 meals a day

21 'meals' per week :)
That's right 3 for Laydeez and 4 for men.
If you're struggling, split the shakes in half and have 6 a day. You can't save them though, once they're mixed, as the vits and mins disappear. So split the powder and mix them freshly each time.
hi cathy

i see ur a liverpool girlie as well, ur weight loss is amazing .....

all tips, help and advice gratefully received... have u ever cheated

and wats been the consequences?
No, but try and space them out, so there's something to look forward to!
If the water is difficult to get down, have it lukewarm, it makes it MUCH easier for me. Good luck Hun xx
That's right Liverpool. I go to the chemist by the Rocket.
I have cheated once or twice since starting in July. Believe me, it's not worth it. Getting back into ketosis sucks!
I've had to do a fair few refeeds because of events like holidays and Christmas etc and am on one now, coz we're going to Scotland on Saturday for a week.
It really, really is harder each time.
Try to just keep going.
I'm happy to help as much as I can. (Away for a week from Sat though) xx
i go to the chemist in childwall and starting to think that i picked the most useless chemist as far as advice is concerned.....

had to go back 2day 4 soups, i added chiil and pepper to the soup earlier and it was quite nice, wat is a refeed?? my family are home from america on 2nd march and i will be having a few drinkies, wats the best thing to do as when they go back i will be on it till my hols in may?? 2day is my 1st day and i made the vanilla shake and it was powderey and watery... where do i get the fibre people talk about? cheers hun x
First thing: NO ALCOHOL!! while in ketosis, it can be fatal! I'm being serious, read the "Sticky" at the top of the Lipotrim page about drinking.
If you must drink, you have to do a refeed (advice about this is also in a sticky up there, but John F did a great thread on refeeding the other day, which is even better. Have a look at old posts from this week with refeed in the title.
Basically, if you don't refeed properly before eating or taking alcohol, you can gain huge amounts of weight right back.
I'm on day 4 of the 7 day plan and it's going fine. I'll restart after the hol, to shift the last 10lbs or so.
Fibreclear is available from your LT chemist. VERY necessary to avoid constipation. I'd definitely get some.
My chemist is really good. Jo, the assistant does the LT stuff and she's great. You could always swap. It's Udani Chemist on Queens Drive, just before the Rocket as you go from the Fiveways, towards the Rocket on the Left side.
are you being serious about having 4 shakes a day if your a man haha ive only been having 2 a day thats what the pharmacist told me hope somebody can clear this up :D


maintaining since June'09
My understanding is that men have 2 male shakes or 4 female ones xx
:sign0007: Sorry Liam, I should have made that clearer, like Jan says, it's 4 shakes if you get the female ones (some men would rather do 4 a day) Otherwise 2 male ones.
Cheers, Cathy xx

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