First week of Lipotrim ..feeling guilty


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Hi everyone

a little about me
I’ve always been overweight around 100kg plus
After my daughters birth in July 2019 I tried Palio diet where I lost about 14 kgs in 1 year !! Too slow and I was so fed up of the flabby body so decided to start lipotrim from 01March after seeing a close friend lose all her weight and become size 18 to 10

started on 1 March .. was very hard but survived on 01&02 March . 03march for hubby birthday so ended up having meals with him
Yesterday and today I did good on water and shakes but I just couldn’t control from having a chaling breast and had small one

had about half chicken breast last night and even more gutted as made some chapatis for my lil girl and ended up having a bite from it

I just need to get strict on myself
Am I turning into a looser !
Hiya I’m Shan joined up and will be starting the Cambridge diet on Monday 8th. I’m sure chicken breast is fine to eat when needed.
How are you getting on otherwise?
Am getting on ok
But hopefully will sail through
I have made a fresh start today so will be a nee start to ketosis as last week wasn’t so good
I have still lost 3.2kgs in the bad week though
So hoping for big loss this week
How are you feeling about starting the Cambridge diet are you all prepared mentally
Oh good glad you still had a loss. I’m starting Cambridge today. 3 products and a meal. Need to start. I’m so bloated time for a change. Plus the spring days help me with the sunshine haha
I've really blipped today. My daughter was munching on a packet of crisps and I automatically munched a few until I realised I was not supposed to eat!!!!🤪
Really gutted as I was good all day.
Will this effect my weight loss?
Hi Dreamer. It's tough interrupting old patterns! How is it going?
Hi AliGal its been hard..very hard!!..I ate on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
Back on it again from today..not weighed myself..Will be tomorrow as its Wednesday. I'm not expecting much after my repeated blips.
Good luck for tomorrow.

I succeeded with shakes when I had a weekly weigh in. By myself, I didn't eve. Though I know it works. So that's why I'm doing low carb. I reckon it will help me at goal too.
Thanks, so I weighed myself first thing this morning and my weight is now 10 stone 5lbs. Which I am really pleased with considering messing up.
But now back on track!.
Good thank you. A good loss this last week - and then probably slower than a vlcd, but easier for me to do!