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  1. netty

    netty Member

    Hi, everyone, I'm just starting my 7th day on Lipotrim, I am going to the pharmacy in a couple of hours to have my first weigh in, I think I've done ok, my scales at home say I've lost 9lb since last sunday??
    I am finding it sooooo hard to stick to, but I haven't slipped up yet!
    Can anyone tell me if it gets any easier?? do the food cravings go away?? I really struggled last night. Any help will be greatly received xx
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  3. ducatidiva

    ducatidiva Silver Member

    Hi Netty, and well done on getting through your first week, as well as losing 9lb! I think you'll find the cravings do subside - I am just about through my 4th week now and I am now not interested in food at all!!

    Keep on going, it realyl does get easier as you go along, and the best motivation is getting on the scales and seeing just how quick the weight is going!
  4. ducatidiva

    ducatidiva Silver Member

    PS - when I find evenings long and difficult, I tend to have several large glasses of sparkling water and then an early night with a good book!
  5. netty

    netty Member

    Thank you for the support, just reading all the comments/discussions on here has helped me through the last couple of days - Thanks everyone! xx
  6. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

    Hey Netty it sure does get easier otherwise we would all be back to eating....well I would anyway
    Well done for getting through your first week, how did you find it ?????
    If you feel hungry try either a weak black tea or cup of hot water ....boiled and allowed to cool a little. By the time I have finished it the hunger has usually gone.
  7. safee

    safee Member

    Good luck with your weigh in :vibes:, maybe you have lost more than your scales say ;)
  8. netty

    netty Member

    Thank you all for your support & comments, I've just had my first weigh in at the pharmacy & my scales were right!, I have lost 9lbs!!!!! I'm shocked!!
    I've picked up my second week of sachets, luckily I like all 3 shakes otherwise I'd be bored by now. The worst time of the day for me is tea time, cooking for everyone is driving me insane, but I haven't given in yet! good luck everyone xx
  9. ducatidiva

    ducatidiva Silver Member

    Well Done Netty!!!

    Cooking for other people must be really difficult for you, can they help out sometimes and perhpas make their own dinner?!
  10. netty

    netty Member

    Unfortunately I have to cook for my Dad as he is ill, and my partner is just hopeless in the kitchen so even though its a struggle for me, I haven't got a lot of choice but to cook for them, nevermind, I'm sure it'll get easier soon, I'm still hanging in there!! (just) x
  11. sarahk

    sarahk Member

    oh you poor thing. I havent been near the kitchen since i started LL.
  12. ducatidiva

    ducatidiva Silver Member

    Aaw bless you, thats really not much fun I am sure. I just hope that you will find it easier as you go along. I had to cook for family who were staying last week but just resorted to ready-meals so I didnt have to prepare things. Maybe you could buy some cook-in sauces and stuff, could your OH manage to bung in some meat and veg? Will keep my fingers crossed for you!
  13. Bea

    Bea Back on the wagon!

    Hope the weekend is going ok - cooking and not eating can be the worst but I have to say after the first week... it didnt bother me at all too much I keep telling myself that it makes good practice when we are maintaining our fab new figues and need to resist picking all the time!!! My hubby is really good and cooks for himself but I do have to make meals for my son hes not having to resist chips, pizza, chicken dippers has been a good test of the will power!!!
  14. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

    Awwww you have done so well 9 lbs is fab.

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