First Week Over.....(Men's Lipotrim)


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And to be honest I’m a little disappointed.

I’ve done Lipotirm and Cambridge in the past and have lost 1.5 Stone during the first week and then a consistent 0.5 stone every week afterwards. Thin is I only lost a single stone this time round.

I know this seems a lot, but what concerns me now is what will the loss be next week. My wife has just lost 4 pounds doing the Slimming World Diet and she gets to eat. Is this extreme measure really worth it, especially at £53.00 per week (blokes portions).

Feeling a little deflated but not going to throw in the towel yet, give it another week at least.

Just wish it was better :(
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S: 110kg G: 65kg
A stone is great, but I get what you mean when you had a bigger starting loss last time. If you weigh less this time you'd naturally lose less this time round, give it another week and see how you feel.