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First week to Lipotrim and I Fell off the wagon

Hello everyone,

I started LT on Sat, I was positive but found the weekend very difficult not so much hunger but how often I thought of food. I was looking forward to monday as I thought work would be a welcome distraction :). I felt dizzy for a lot of the day and found it hard to concentrate. On my way home I fell off the wagon and had a huge pigout :(. I am back on LT today. I was on day 3 yesterday does my slip up mean that my body will go back to day 1 again and the it will take another 4 -5 days to get to Ketosis?
If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated. I find this fourm so supportive and inspiriring.
Best of luck to everybody and keep up the good work :p:p:p:p
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It depends what you ate hun. If you had a lot of carbs then I would say that it would knock you out of ketosis for a little while, but if there weren't many you may not have caused too much damage. Just keep glugging the water and think positive vibes x
Thanks Cheryl,
and congratulations to you and how well you have done, that really is some achievement.
I had bread and kit kats and a bag of jellies so i'd say that would knock me out of it. I am really positive today and am motivated to stick with it. I heard that day 3 was a difficult day for people.


Finally a size 12!
Just stick to it! I bought a pair of jeans in every size (just cheapo asda ones) and vowed to fit in everyone and ive only got the 10s left. Keep going and think how proud you will be of yourself when your looking and feeling fab!! xxxxxx
:)Hi Wally I know how you feel I'm starting my 2nd week and 1st week was hard but every time I'm hungry i have water or a hot coffee and as everyone says It'll get easier - just keep going and try and keep away from food :7834:


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Yes i think you would be back at square one again - you wally! haha couldnt resist sorry! :) lol Just get back on and start again.

Maybe now that you are starting today, a tuesday by the weekend the hunger pains will be gone as you will be in ketosis.

Remember, just keep busy. your first weekend will be the hardest so aslong as you keep busy you should be fine :)
Oh dear......Come on darling, being thinner is SOOOO much better than any kit-kat etc. Please stick to it 100% from now on.
Lol - Wally indeed.
Thanks for all your support.
Does anyone have any suggestions about the making the skakes when at work as we dont have a blender?
Thanks again


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buy a shaker :)

you can get them from your chemist or tescos do them for £4 something. Ive got one from tescos :)


A little of everything!
Or a little hand whisk to help get the lumps out?

I take my blender with me though as I can only take the shakes with lots of crushed ice!!

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