first week weight loss


Getting thinner everyday!


Here we go again!
Well done Alex. 8lbs is a great loss. As you can see from my wi chart mine has gone down after the first week but I knew that would happen. As long as I lose at least 2-3 lbs a week I will be pleased.

Good luck for next week and well done on such a great start!


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yay well done sweetie xx


Getting thinner everyday!
Thanks for the replies everyone

Alex :)


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hey. well done on your weight loss!!!
Everyone has a massive loss in the first week but it does drop in the weeks after. As you can see looking at my tracker my weight did drop loads... but since I have upped my exercise I have lost 6lbs each week... so when you are able to.. I would start doing more exercise as this will also help drop extra lbs xx good luck and well done again


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8lbs is fab!
Wow, FBTB, 6lbs consistently is brilliant going. Well done.


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Well done



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thank you huni
yes it shocked me! I cannot explain how shocked I was. I actually went to pharmacy thinking I hadnt lost anything. when she told me 6 I made her weigh me again! lol... Unfortunately I have broken the cycle this week coz Im not on LT at the min coz of meds... but hopefully from next week I'll be back on. It was exercise that was the key thing for me and Im definitely sticking to it xx


Getting thinner everyday!
Thanks everyone :flowers:
I think I'll up exercise next week.

Alex :)


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Well done on a first great WI. The first week is normally the biggy coz you are losing glycogon (excuse spelling) and water. After that you lose fat and the loss is varied just as it would be on other diets just slightly more.

TBH I'd leave exercise another week before starting then start slow and build it up, after all you are on less than 500 cals a day. When you do start make sure you drink plenty to avoid dehydration but little and often!



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I had my first weigh in and have lost 8 pounds :talk017:

Pleased with it though I can already tell that this week is going to be a lot less.

Did everyone elses weight loss drop dramatically in week 2?


Alex :)

Congrats Alex.. it totally varies.. check each persons signature to see.. each week is different!


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