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First Weekend!!


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Hi guys! :D

This is my first weekend on lipotrim ... and i just thought id post on here instead of thinking of the dreaded f word (food!) ha

Anyone else on their first weekend? How we finding it so far?

Anyone got any tips to get through a weekend?

I think i will be fine though. I dont have to cook for anyone (lazy student living at home with parents!!haha) and i dont venture into the kitchen enless its for water!

It is also my brothers birthday today and he has CAKE!!!! and omg!!!! i wasnt tempted but i just had to smell the box hahahaha

I think i might go veg out on the sofa with a big bottle of water, watch crap weekend day tv and play on the wii ....

Hope you are all doing well?
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Watching TV and dvd's usually helps lol,or going on the net like you are at the moment! Time flies when you're having fun! And keep a litre bottle of water with you and keep sipping it that will help too. Good luck for the weekend!


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Ty Vixen ..

I might even have a flutter and play a bit of online bingo!!
Lol good plan! I was thinking of doing that but never win anything!!! Alternatively go out and buy yourself a load of trashy magazines, the ones full of 'real life' stories that make you worried if there are actually people that stupid in real life, and do all the crosswords and puzzles in them and enter the comptetitions. Lol we could have a Competition Thread and see how many people win!!!


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OMG that is such a good idea!!! hahahaha
I think i might do that! got to go get lottery later anyhow!
Well Take A Break has about 10 comptetitions in each magazine so if we enter them every week then we are bound to win somethin eventually!!! Free Holidays here we come!!! :D


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Sounds like a plan!!!!!!! :D


I will be skinny again!!!
Yep its my first weekend too!!
I sat in last night on the pc, My mum and sister go chinese and then both went out :( But i Survived!!!
And tonight me and the BF are going to the cinema to see that 3D film. Its my other friends birthday which i completley forgot about so have to go to the bar for 10 mins to give him his card and pressies.
And then probs just go back to my boyfriends and stay the night!

How about you all? any nice plans??
Well I am still sick, fiance's uncle and aunty are over from America so we are looking forward to seeing them this weekend, we are staying at his mum n dads til monday as he has taken the day off work. I'd like to go to the cinema but not sure if we are going to today or not. At the moment am watching Supernanny that I recorded yesterday!!!


I will be skinny again!!!
Ah i love supernanny!
Only because you cant imagine having kids like that lol!!
Knowing my luck mine will be like that when im old.. watch this space in could be on supernanny in a few years lol!!
lol nah hopefully you will remember the techniques she uses and it will help if they get unruly!!!


I will be skinny again!!!
Haha lol!!

Hmm where did i hear that tip before??
Oh yeah supernanny lol!!

Are you enjoying your day?
Feeling like poop but fiance has just gone off to shops to get me some fish and chicken and salad and water for the next few days. He is looking after me :). How about you?


I will be skinny again!!!
Aww thats really good, Atleast he does that for you!

My boyfriend only seems to do things for me when he wants something or has something to gain for doing it lol!

Im feeling great actually!!!

Ive been getting compliments in work that my belly is getting flatter and my legs look slimmer and im only on day 5 :) So im all cheerful lol!!


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Im off to buy some trashy, full of useless junk magazines to keep me entertained!! :D
summergurl - you're another Plymouth lass like Mellum and myself :) Just saying hi to a neighbour ;)
Lol :) There's loads of people doing it where I work too! Says a lot about people with desk jobs lol


I will be skinny again!!!
haha yup i have a desk job too!! lol..

Its probably due to me sitting on ass all day and then i go home and sit on my ass and watch tv.. Or drive about some where lol!! No exercise whatso ever lol!!


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
hey rainbow!! :rainbow:
how ya doing?
how long have ya been on lipotrim?

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