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First weigh in and breath advice

Well, I've been on Lipotrim for a week and not cheated at all. I've just got back from my first weigh in and have lost 8lbs. I'm not sure how I feel - to be honest I'm a bit disappointed. After reading in here of people losing a stone or more in the first week I was hoping for more. I found the first few days quite tough but hunger pangs are not so noticeable now, and I feel OK, but a bit tired. I'm not impressed with my "pharmacist" either. I asked about alternatives to Original Listerene for my breath and she suggested Tic Tacs. Any suggestions?
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you can have oraldene or the listerine strips, don't be dissapointed bout your weigh in 8lbs is great congrats :) everyones body is different the main thing is you are losing weight
well done hun,8lbs is great x
you can't compare yourself to others.your body will lose how much it wants too and you can't help that.
keep it up and you'll have another great loss this week x

regarding the breath thing,i use dentyl and corsodyl mouthwash.my pharmacist said this was fine.as long as it doesn't contain alcohol or citrus it should be ok.
i also carry around a spray breath freshener(no alcohol in)i picked up at tesco.does the job when out and about so ya don't make anyone pass out lol x


I will be skinny again!!!
I would steer clear of the tictacs!!!!

I carried around a bottle of mouthwash and my toothbrush and paste in my hand bag to be honest!

I couldnt get hold of the strips anywhere!

Well done on your first loss!

Dont be disapointed with it its a brilliant loss! its over half a stone!
Over half a stone in a week is nothing to be disappointed by, well done!

Yeah, as chelly says, sterr away from the tic tacs -that was not good advice! A powerful mouthwash should do it, and also like cheely says, why not buy a little travel size bottle of mouthwash is really handy!

8lbs is fantastic! Well done!! Everyone loses at different weights & a lot of your first loss is water/glycogen stores, so it may just be that you don't store as much as some people!

Tic Tacs? I would steer well clear & not rely on his advice in the future!! You can get the Listerine Strips on eBay, I bought a load of them on there & they really weren't stupidly expensive & they really are great to carry around with you (though, don't put them in your pocket! I now have an entire packet with one giant melty Listerine Strip in it...). I'm not sure about the alternatives.

Good luck with your next week! :)

that's a great loss Hun if you think of it in a month you could loss 2 stone + on that size loss just keep going:D at my pharm i had the spray breath freshener and it works well and you can get it in most supermarkets.
Hi iv'e been trying to average out peoples weight loss everyones pretty different but seem to lose the sameish overall in weeks i lost 8 lbs in my first week and 8 in my second so totaling up others big losses followed by a smaller loss it seems to add up the sameish week 6/7 2 to 3 stone and what i do know from experiance no diet give consistant losses week after week like LT :D so you do lose quicker ..
don't be disheartened about 8lbs its over half a stone 4 weeks of a loss like that is 2 stone you have to see the bigger picture

debz x
Hey hun,

don't be disappointed! 8lbs is a FANTASTIC loss!!! Over half a stone in a week- what other diets do you get that kind of result with?!

Don't compare your losses with other peoples- I know it's tempting but it just makes you feel deflated. I was a bit like that last week when I only lost 3lbs. I looked at other peoples and felt rubbish in comparison...but look at the bigger picture. We didn't put all our weight on overnight and we aren't going to lose it overnight either. You're doing brilliantly- enjoy your success!!!



Positivity is the key
congrats on your weight loss this week, well done 8lb is a great weight loss.
My chemist told me that sometimes it takes us longer to get into ketosis when we are larger and it may be next week before you are fully into it, then the hunger pangs should go completely.
Wishing you all the best.
8lbs is nothing to be disappointed about! What other diet would you lose 8lbs in the first week?! It's 8lbs in the right direction and you should be pleased with yourself! As other people have said, everybody loses weight at different rates, so try not to compare yourself to others.

Best of luck for your next weigh in! =)
Thanks everyone. Feeling better about it now. I've ordered some of the Listerine strips from ebay too so will soon be more fragrant.

Awww don't be disappointed! That is a fantastic first loss! Don't compare yourself to other people sweetie as everyones' body is different and handle weight loss in different ways. You could lose the same amount next week and that would be over a stone in 2 weeks! Would other plan could you lose that amount of weight in such a short space of time?!

My chemist gives me 'nuPhar Fresh Breath Strips' They are recommended by LT. Listerine fresh breath strips are so hard to get hold off, in fact I read somewhere they were discontinued. nuPhar are the same thing, and they're great.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Yep, I felt a bit deflated too on w1 loss but as everyone says it is all in the right direction. Everyone's metabolism is different so it will balance over the coming weeks. At least I hope so. W2 weigh in tomorrow!!!
Don't be disappointed you have lost 8lbs that is brilliant, keep clear of tic tacs next time you go to the supermarket carry 4bags of sugar for 5mins then put them down then you will know what 8lb feels like i did it with 5bags of sugar and i was glad to lose them ....a huge well done to you x x x
Well, it's a week on and 7lbs off in weigh in two. I've had a few rocky days when I've been moody and bad tempered but am feeling a bit better now - mostly thanks to the encouragement and inspiration on this site.
Thanks everyone
Well done on your 7lb Jon! 1 stone 1lb in 2 weeks! Brilliant!

Oh I too suffer from the bad tempered fury, in fact I'm a bit of a psycho if you cross me! I think it's to do with subconsciously feeling deprived while everyone else indulges!

Keep strong and good luck for next week.

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