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First weigh in - No weight loss!

I don't know where I've gone wrong. I've stuck to food optimising with the exception of saturday, and I've had no weight loss at all. I know I did have a high syn intake on saturday but I thought that I might lose half a pound or something.

It's really made me down... Today I haven't stuck to the plan at all.

Can someone please read my food journal and help me find out what I did wrong?
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oh dear, are you going to group? or do you do it alone, sometimes our own scales can be unreliable. i know a lot of people in my group have only lost a half lb the first week then theyve lost 3lbs or similiar. whats the link to your diary hun ill have a look. sometimes you can think something is free and eat a lot of it and it turns out to be syned - i was using briw as a healthy extra and its not so was having an extra 5 syns a day without realising!!


Just follow the plan
Just saw your diary entry for Saturday and I think its possible that messed things up. You had 40 odd syns that you could account for, plus the cookie dough thing you couldnt find the syns for. I know you didnt use all syns every day though. I couldnt find anything else, dont lose heart hun, just try hard this week and see what next weigh in brings x
yea i too just read through your diary, i think sat difinitly would have screwed things up for you, nd the ice cream will be very high in synsn which you also didnt count. i would also imagine that the egg sandwich may have been more than your 10 syns as if it was shop bought its likely to have full fat mayo and the bread too needs to be counted. keep going honestly, you can iron out these little things


Just follow the plan
Draw a line under today hun, it happened. Tomorrow you start again, so thats only 6 days till next weigh in, you can do it x

If you're not going to a class I'd definitely suggest getting weighed at a Boots or other chemist etc every week 'cause I agree that home scales are not the most accurate! That's one reason why I chucked mine out when I started SW!

Also - if you can weigh in the same clothes too - my swc says that jeans can add on as much as a couple lbs!


I ate my willpower!
I agree with the above that gettin weighed in Tesco or Boots would be good. Their scales are calibrated so will be more accurate.
My local Tescos definitely don't have scales, but I'm not sure about Boots. I'll have a look tomorrow.
Does it make a difference that my scales are digital or does it not matter?


I ate my willpower!
My local Tescos definitely don't have scales, but I'm not sure about Boots. I'll have a look tomorrow.
Does it make a difference that my scales are digital or does it not matter?
Digital are more accurate. But it's finding a level surface. The surface your scales are on may look level but it probably isnt
I didn't think it would make such a difference. Well, I guess I'm starting again tomorrow. Stupid house and it's uneven floors!


Just follow the plan
My Mum said today they have scales in Tesco toilets too, if its any help to you. Strange place for them though.
Very strange, but I know there's none in the one near me, we go there a lot!
Searching my memory I'm doubting if there's even one in Boots. What should I do if this is the case?

Nanny Jax

getting back on track
Most Boots do have them hun, it's probably a case of you never needed them, so you never noticed them, it is a great Idea to use their scales cos you get a little print out too, and they are great to keep and look back through. :)
I'll go in today and have a look if I have the time. I've moved the scales to what I hope is a flatter surface area and weighed myself this morning, still 12st 7. So, here's to a restart.

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