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First weight gain since March, I'm blaming Switzerland!

G: 12st0lb

Heaven can wait is very sad this Morning Minis,:(:tear_drop::(:tear_drop: not to mention very grumpy :( and mad with my:mad:self!
I have been on an unplanned 4 day trip to Switzerland with my OH who was on business, and I think I must have eaten enough Swiss chocolate to sink a ship! I have put on about 2 kilos I think this morning , the first weight gain I have had since I started Ss ing ion 23 March and I feel awful! All I can say is thank god I'm home again , and I didnt go for longer!
I have never really had a huge problem with holidays while Ssing , as I have usually managed to make good choices and just had a liitle taste of anything I REALLY wanted so I didnt feel deprived, and still amged to come back lighter than I went.
But I went well overboard this time, BIG STYLE! I just dont know what went wrong really. Well it didnt start well because my CDC was on holiday and I didnt mange to get hold of any bars or tetras to help with the trip, no kettle or fridge in hotel room, conspiring with language barrier and being out and about all day, made it much more difficult than on previous holidays.
I was really struggling with the menus as well as the Swiss eat so much fattening stuff its totally unbelievable that they have not got a massive obesity problem, not to mention high cardiac problems! They eat lots of meat (sausages by the metre if you please) everything is smothered in creamy sauces, and dont even get me onto the fondue and rosti! I guess they have to use up all that creamy milk from those gorgeous cows with the big bells somehow, and I think I might have kept one cow busy with the amount of swiss chocolate I got through.
I think I may just have found my TRIGGER FOOD I JUST COUDNT STOP ONCE I STARTED AND IT WAS LIKE BEING POSSESED! I had some just for the taste and it just snowballed , well it was more like an avalanche really. :break_diet: feel so disgusted with myself , not so much because of the weight gain , but for lapsing into the classic secret bingeing scenario that got me overweight in the first place. It truly disgusts me to think I could ever go back to being that person again and while eating that chocolate I really was out of control, I wasnt even enjoying it by the time it turned into binge, I felt sick:sigh:.

I feel so ill today , and my mood well I feel murderous! Bad tempered , grumpy, headache, palpatations, nauseous and bloated I think I may be allergic to chocolate !
I am ravenously hungry as well, and it bl***y well serves me right!

I would appreciate any help from anyone who has done this and dusted themselves off, and any CDC's who can offer any advice re getting back on track as my CDC hasnt answered my plea for help yet and I feeel so down.:cry:
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ohhh hun, don't be so hard on yourself! It was a holiday and you had a lovely time, just forget about the gain and get back on track. I've had many many blips while on ss and all you can do is forget what you've done and get back on track! I think the first blip you have is generally the worst though, my first one lasted 3 days and i ate 17 packs of crisps during those 3 days and enough chocolate to cause a major shortage for Mr Cadbury!! I do it at least once a fortnight and I'm not proud of it but it happens and as long as i get straight back on track I'm fine. It happened Thursday this week and i had fish n chips, a whole pack of jaffa cakes (i don't even like Jaffa cakes!!), crisps and a giant bar of Cadburys! (I really think i should get a share in Cadbury's end of year profit!) Anyway, all i can say is don't be too hard on yourself, what's done is done, move on and stay focused on how much you HAVE achieved! You've done so well and should be proud of that! good luck x
Hya chuck

Pick yourself up brush yourself down and start all over again!! (theres a song there somewhere)

Come on you can do it, so it was a blip - Look how far you have come and how little there is to go

Keep smiling xxx
G: 12st0lb
Thanks for your kind words Maz and Ameythist, I am knocking back the water , but I am so hungry today tummy growling like mad so had to have some chicken. Maz it helps to know that someone who looks as fabulous and sophisticated as you do in your photos can succumb to this sort of eating as well, when you do this you feel like you are the only one and that you dont deserve to be slim. It gives me hope that I will get my head around this eventually and get to goal,like you said its just a blip and I have learned a lot from it . Its really surprised me what a real binge can do to you though, physically as well as to your mood, I seriously do think chocolate is addictive and has a special power over me that no other food could. I felt quite faint earlier on and I am very short tempered, which is quite bad becuase my new neighbours have just invited us round to a birthday party tonight! Guess I will have to paint on a smile and stand well away from the buffet and BBQ!
I will start SSing again tommorow and promise myself a good week on just packs and water.
Thanks again.
Love HCW


Strong women stay slim
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Great loss so far heaven can wait , i really can't see you going back to how you eat before and i think we've all done this , you just maybe thought its time for a treat , so you did , its over now and you can keep that weight moving down hill , we all know you can as you've come this far . Well done !

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