Fitness DVD's anyone?


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Hi I am new to here, I've done calorie controlled before and it worked for me so fingers crossed it will again! Managed to keep it off for 5 years but its slowly coming back on so got to nip it in the bud!

Does anyone use fitness DVDs? If so, what ones are the best?

Ive never used them before but dont have access to my own fitness equipment as I'm away from home and need to do some kind of exercise (running def not an option in this climate!!)

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I stopped buying them because they get sooo boring after a while!! last one I bought was the one by claire from steps and I was un impressed with it!!


im using pump it up at the minute, ive got to the point now, I know by the music what Ive gotta do, theres some good tracks on it too, so hasnt bored me yet!

Am going to buy the 2010 when we get paid too!

Definitly knackers you tho!


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I dont really use fitness dvds, i did try in the past but didnt stick with them, the gym works best for me, but when i did try fitness dvds i would have to agree that davina and pump it up are the best ones, well put it this way, i could hardly move the next day when i first tried these so they must be good :D .x


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I'll give them a go and see if they work for me. Fingers crossed! When I lost weight last time I used my home cross trainery type thing for 30 mins a day which worked well. Then when at uni I became a gym addict, going 4 - 5 times a week for over 2 hours a go!

But since leaving uni and moving in with my man things have slipped and the only exercise i do now is kitesurfing (which in this weather aint too good!). Also, men are the worst enemy when it comes to trying to lose weight! Mine is a great cook and also all the take aways we get and meals out are just a recipe for disaster! And of course, he can eat what the hell he likes and not put on a lb!! Fortunately, he is away working at the mo and he has been warned not to put me off my stride when he gets back!

Man rant over!!


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I have the Claire Richards and the Sonia from eastenders one and they are both good!

Not too hard but definately not easy to do either :)


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i use the mr motivater one! only because is was £1.99!
its quite good as it has 7x 11 min work outs so you can do a little or a lot.
i also use the jordan one- its surprisingly good- its all boxersize and completly wears me out!
i tried one of the dance ones a few years back but couldnt keep up!

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I have davinas older ones, power of three and three 30 min workouts. Came together in a box set. They are good.

I tend to use them as well as other things like gym, exercise classes and walking so I don't get bored. If I have a day when I done fancy the gym or going out, instead of sat around doing nothing I do Davina, so to speak. Has been useful with all this snow.

Does anyone use Fitness TV Sky ch282? They have different types of workouts on there all the time for free.

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Hey Klizw, and welcome! I am in the same boat as you - I just got married too so I am even more comfortable with my man! Now need to lose some weight. Not done great this week as had a big night on Friday and got a stinky cold now but it is back to the drawing board with the exercise tomorrow!

You sound like you are used to, and enjoy exercise so I would definitely recommend the Nell McAndrew fitness DVDs - they are REALLY good workouts but wouldn't recommend them for beginners, though if you stick at them you soon see an improvement. I love them but haven't used them for a while. May dig them out again now I have reminded myself about them!

I would also recommend getting the EA Sports 30 day challenge workout game for the Wii if you have a Wii. Check out judimacs posts as she is a great source of advice on this game. You don't need the Wii Fit board to do it and there are different levels of workout you can choose to do.

I do windsurfing and have always thought about trying kitesurfing but it looks quite difficult. Would you recommend? Let me know what you think of the DVDs if you get them. :) x


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I normally avoid the celebrity ones on the grounds that many are not very good or well presented or thought out but Nell McAndrew and Davina McCall both have an outstanding rep.

If you are not keen on celeb ones, there are others.

The Firm is a collection of hundreds of various DVDs from the US that are huge all over the world. You can buy just DVDs on there own or it they need equipment, it comes provided. They are mainly designed for women and rarely last longer than 30 minutes.

Tai bo and bootcamp by Billy Blanks are also best sellers. Tae bo is based on kick boxing exercises while Bootcamp is a combination of Tae bo and training exercise used in the US army. The DVDs are using sold in sets and some sets come with equipment such as bands and inflatable punch bags.

Zumba is the latest craze at the moment, using dance to sculpt and tone the body. It has recently come to the uk with classes being set up but you can do it from home with Dvds. Again this tends to be a set.

Look for DVDs made by Gaiam. They are probably one of the best companies to buy from with the best rep.

Hope that helps!


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Thanks ladies, Still need to go buy one, I have wii fit but I'm not at home at the moment and dont have it set up here yet. I bought an exercise bike the other day but ive been full of cold so not used it yet!

Shetland lass - I had tried windsurfing before but I found kitesurfing easier to pick up. I'm not great at it (yet!) only got my own gear at the end of last summer and didnt get out that much. You should def give it a go its great fun, the frustrating part is getting used to the kite on the beach and the initial getting up on the board cos you just want to get going. You should get proper lessons though, makes a big difference.



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I've said this on a loads of threads but my fave is the Pussycat dolls dvd. For one Im a huge PCD fan & love dancing too.
I really give it my all lst night and this morning my legs and stomach are aching! My inner thighs are really aching which is good as there where I need to tone up lol

I also like the Pump It Up ones too :D


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I bought an exercise bike from asda for £30 so not bought a DVD, still might though. Burned 350kcal on the bike today and done sit ups etc too. Going for 500 tomorrow if im not working.

thanks for all advice x

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Ooh, might try kitesurfing next hol I am on - I think learning in a warmer climate is much more preferable to all the wipeouts in the chilly water up here! Thanks Klizw.

How are you getting on with the bike by the way? If you are resolving to try and do some kind of exercise every day, or even just upping your exercise, then you should check out a post I started a while ago - something along the lines of 'Early start to NY Resolution - anyone want to join me?' There are loads of us on there now all encouraging each other to exercise and motivating each other when we are struggling. 9 odd pages worth! Any of you would be more than welcome! x


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I am another Davina fan. Good routines to fab music that make you work up a sweat. You can turn her voice off and music up if she annoys you!